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How do you feel about the human interaction nowadays, is social media helping us in that direction or not?

I think the concept of social media is a great one, I mean who wouldn't want to connect with people all around the world from the convenience of your own house or while you're on the go with your phone. The problem is that now people spend more time connecting with people online than they do connecting with people in real life.

These days social media has ended up creating mindless zombies who do nothing more than stare at their laptop/phone/tablet screens. I had a friend who lived about 2 blocks away from me and we'd talk online all day, but for 4 months we didn't see each other. We both had time to chat online, but we couldn't make time to actually have a real conversation with each other face to face.

These days social media companies have even started implementing new features that can limit the amount of time you spend on their platforms so that you can actually interact with people face to face instead of only online.

On a final note, I think social media has done more harm than good in terms of human interaction because now people are more interested in creating false avatars of themselves online and connecting with people in the cyber world than in real life.


Human interaction nowadays has been greatly improved as compared to the stone age and the dark age when interaction is only limited within the people you can see. With the invent of technology, human interaction now goes beyond those in your vicinity to those outside the shores of your community, state and country. Also humans can now interact with someone whom they have never met before opening up more business and interpersonal relationships among humans.

The social media on its own part has done so much in making interaction easy with the invent of different communication apps like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, Twitter, Skype yes people can now chat, talk and video call with anyone they so desire with no barriers oh well except bad network. Meeting are a lot easier to organize now and messages are passed across way easier than before.

However, technology has also negatively affected human relationship in the sense that people can stay in a room without talking to each other each pressing their phones and if they need to pass a mesafs across they rather text than speak. This is destroying relationships and it is not such a good thing. People no longer fancy face to face one on one settlement of issues. They would rather do it on phone even something as bad as break up.