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How often do you use your smartphone camera on a day and how much of your smartphone pics are "being launched" on social media?

My smartphone (iPhone) is my only camera. Not just daily routine, but also when I go traveling. If you look at my blog, there are hundreds of photos of our trips to Japan. Every single one of those photos were taken with the Iphone.

Most of these blog post are also being shared on our Facebook page and instagram.

On any single day, I use my iPhone to take pictures of interesting stuffs that I come across, or food that I have for my meals, for example.

Over the years, smartphone camera technology and improved tremendously. With such a handy and lightweight device that I carry everyday, there is really no need to invest in a DSLR or similar. Like the saying goes “The best camera is the one that you have on hand, when you need it”


Very rarely. Whenever I want to take a photo, I usually bring out my DSLR; this gives me a lot better quality on the pictures. However, I sometimes take pictures with my smart phone as well, but these are typically just everyday photos of my dogs, family members etc. so these rarely gets published online.