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What's your take on XRP's performance during this bear market? Why does it hold its price that well and would you invest in it?

Img source : nano.do/conceive-bird-monastery

 In fact, only the XRP can survive the worst sentiment this week (ie: the fight between Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC). Furthermore, XRP can even shift Ethereum in second place.

What caused this to happen?

XRP Becomes Safe Haven For Various Reasons

1. XRP has a purpose that is completely different from the majority of other crypto currencies. Instead  of wanting to take over / replace the traditional banking system, XRP  actually dismissed these bad goals, and chose to synchronize with  traditional financial systems for a better future.

2. XRP was created not to disturb, but to improve & maximize the performance of traditional payment systems.

3. The adoption of XRP is expanding when various national banks join the community.





So  broadly speaking, XRP still has the brightest future for all types of  crypto currencies that are still dependent / affected by the effects of  changes in Bitcoin prices.  And Yes, i am investing in it right now.

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