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How much water do you drink daily? Do you find it important to keep yourself hidrated every single day, no exception? How do you feel when you don't have enough water?

It is vitally important. I am like a camel and only used to drink every now and then and basically forget.

It put me in hospital with a blood clot and have learnt my lesson. I coughed up blood as it hit my lung and took a chunk out. I was lucky and all because I didn't drink enough water.

It took me 1 year to fully recover on strong blood thinner tablets which I hated. I now drink a good 2-3 liters of water  a day and even if I don't feel like any I will force myself. 

I live in a warm climate so I think that plays a part plus I am at a high altitude so the air is slightly thinner and drier. All of this comes into play and didn't realise how important drinking fluids is.

I know when I need water now and after my narrow escape will find whatever to drink if I feel I need fluids.


It is extremely important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

People tend to neglect their balance of electrolites.

It is a common practice to avoid drinking regularly as most working People find it distracting and unproductive to have to visit toilet every hour or so.

There's a misguided belief that a coffee in the morning should carry you through the day, then another coffee for lunch and that's enough till dinner.

Then we find ourselves to become tired.

And another coffee.

But it is the coffee which is the root cause.

Or rather, the fact it is just coffee.

I heard once a person complain about their grandmothers obsession with water.

You tired? Drink water. You sleepy? Drink water. Got headache? Drink water. Have cold? Drink water.

Well, that's one smart grandma. Because, just so happens. These are all symptoms of mild dehydration.

Drink water People.

It's good for you.

For each glass of whatever, tea, coffee, sodapop, beer. Try drinking a glass of fresh water.

It will work wonders in your life.

From energizing you, to straight out making you lose weight.


I feel incomplete.

For me I don't drink water often but I drink as much as I can when I am thirsty. Water is essential so we really need it in our system. Enough intake of water helps to flush the systems of several disease. It helps in keeping our body at a normal temperature as in body regulation.

If you will agree with me we can see that if you are thirsty and you take fruit juice or soft drink it will never take the place of water. You might feel relief for sometimes but few seconds from that time you feel even more thirsty. Nothing can take the place of water. The same thing in our Christian life's no matter how relief you feel committing sin or doing something in pretence to serve God it cant take the place of God in our lifes. If it is not God then is not God. Thanks for this question.


I drink a lot of water daily, it is part of my weight loss regimen.

I read sometime ago, that we need to drink up to 11(female)-15(male)cups of water daily. So we should endeavour to drink the recommended amount.

Water doesn't contain any calorie, so it isn't fattening. Drinking water is better than drinking soda. It is a more healthier option. It keeps your skin fresh and hydrated, it cleanses your system and it helps you lose weight.

Be careful, not to drink excessive water. You can die as a result of drinking too much water. Yes, you read it right.


These days, probably around 2L a day.

pretty important, yeah. Though there can be different phases where body can do with more or less.

There was a period when I was living in Bali, that between the tropic heat and a bunch of activation work, I was up around 5-6L per day.

Thirst is usually a lagging indicator. I also sometimes get a bit headachy.


The body is a machine composed by many elements in which each one of them fulfills a specific and necessary task for its correct operation. All these elements must be nourished and an important part for them is food and hydration. The lack of water directly affects the functioning of the brain and various organs such as the kidneys. 

I am a person who drinks a lot of water, my body demands it. When I go a long time without drinking it can give me a headache or dry lips.