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How much do you care about your reputation score? Have you set yourself any goal for this year in that direction?

The only thing I care about my reputation score is that it's not negative, because that would affect the visibility of my posts in a bad way.  Beyond that, I think that someone's reputation score is not an accurate indicator of the quality of that person's content.  Here's why:

- The reputation score itself is a reflection of an individual's activities across the entire Steem blockchain, not any one individual site or dApp.  That means that where one person gets their reputation from may not align with another person might expect, depending on which sites they use and how often.  When we see that big number on a user's profile page on Steemit, we don't know if that's all from blogging on Steemit, asking and answering questions on Musing, posting videos on Dlive, posting memes on Dmania, or some combination thereof.

- Reputation score can be manipulated significantly in several ways.  A user can purchase upvotes from bidbots and other vote sellers, and the values of those votes will influence that user's reputation in a positive way, regardless of the actual quality of that user's content and/or comments.  Also, a large orca or whale can use their SP and repeated votes to push another user's reputation way up or way down depending on the whale's perception of the target user and without regard to whether or not the general public would see such a move as justified.  Perhaps the two most notable incidents of this involve (1) the user that currently has the highest reputation score on the blockchain, and (2) the whale whose main account once had a reputation in the 60s, got dropped in one shot by a Steemit Inc. employee to the -10s, and then got back up to the 60s.

Those are the main reasons why I don't judge others by their reputation score.  Instead, I read through some of their content before I make my own independent judgment on what kind of user I think they are.  As for myself, I'm not setting any reputation goals.  If I get to 60 or 65 before the end of the year, great.  If I don't, I'm not going to sweat over it.


I care really deeply on my Reputation Score and here is why.

When I first joined this platform, it was hard for me to get noticed by others. Many people here often advice newbies that the main key to survive on this platform is "engagement", However based on my own personal experience, when you only have a low reputation score, no friends and a low Steem Power chances are they will treat you as a Bot/Spammer or worse only fishing for upvotes.

That is why the first thing I did was increase my reputation score to a decent level, along with posting decent quality contents I boosted some of my posts to get visibility and also increase my reputation little by little until I got around Rep 55.

One thing I've noticed after reaching Rep 55 is that people now start to treat me seriously. Some now reply on my comments on their blog posts and is now treated as a human, not an alt or bot account. I really do think it was mostly because of my decent Reputation as I have never changed anything and my SP still isn't that big.

My goal right now is to reach Rep 65 without using BidBots. I myself have stopped using bidbots for almost 2 months now.


Reputation scores are easily gamed by vote buying. So many users buy votes that reputation score is essentially meaningless. By rotating a couple of thousand SBD, anyone could get their reputation in the upper seventies in a breeze.  


I care about reputation on Steemit a great deal. However, I've already achieved my main goal of 70 reputation so it's left a lot of space to ponder what its value is, truly. This is due to the fact that it's somewhat "pay-to-win:" it measures the votes you get, and huge ones make a big shift, so you can just buy them from bid bots or smartmarket. 

The Steem User Authority project (@steem-ua) was just created to try and create a better, less exploitable reputation algorithm. It's really exciting for those like me who want to improve my interaction with the community and need a more intricate incentive. However, since it's best to keep setting higher goals to motivate oneself: I'd like to hit 75 reputation as my next target! (that will probably take more than 6 months to achieve.)


Joining steemit I always look at users having 60-70+ reputation with envy. I set myself a target of reaching 60 and yes I am at 63 now. I am looking forward to 70.

I believe after Quality posts, Steempower. Reputation should be the next thing users must look out for.

If not for the issue of bidbots, users with high reputation means the user worked for it and you can be sure that the user will dish out delightful articles for you to read.

It means the user knows the in and out of Steemit, is a respected member of the community.

We have the user activity by @steem-ua which looks to be unbiased. Looking at the ranking. It is still safe to say that most users with high reputation on the platform are also leading in the @steem-ua list. What does this mean.

It implies you should guard your reputation. After Quality posts and Steempower your reputation should be the next thing you focus on.


Reputation score was really a matter where everyone must care.

See, reputation scores denotes who you are in the community, roughly guessing that 70% of the steemians in the community really doesn't know the personally the person that they are interacting.

Your reputation score will be a good clue how you behave in the community, do you make spam? do you plagiarize your contents? do you tend to interact with others?

Well this questions will might give others a clue about your steemit behaviors, about your contents and even your intentions.

So for me, reputation score was definitely important and must be look at


Reputation score is good for a steemit user because it is like a trustscore on the platform that can make people

to know how trustful you are on the platform,a spammer is likely to keep having negative reputation score

especially when he or she gets alot of massive downvotes of their contents,some people never knew

the importance of reputation score until the byteball airdrops for steemit users that used reputation score as

the major requirement to determine how much the steemit user will earn from the airdrop,that shows that

reputation score is not something to joke with,i have personally said that i want to get to a reputation score

of 60 and above before the end of this year and i know it is possible if i create good contents that get massive upvotes...


Frankly I don't worry all that much about my reputation score. I wont say that I do not care for it completely but rather that I don't find it all that meaningful in truly indicating somebodies true reputation in the Steem community. Therefore, I haven't really set any targets for myself on my reputation score count.

In fact I am far more excited about the new 'Steem User Authority' project. The 'User Authority' or 'UA' uses far more delicate and useful parameters to judge a steemians true standing in the Steem community.


It is easier to say "there is nothing to reputation score" which may be true to some big extent. But since human are "swayed" by figures, appearance and stuffs like that. Reputation score "matters" on the surface.

A steemian with a reputation score of above 60 will easily be regarded as a "veteran" of some sort in the eyes of a newbie or outsider. If not for the same been "abnomalized" by the voting bots, an account with a reputation of 60 or 70 must have pay some dues in terms efforts or time.

Looking deeper, the real reputation of an account will then depend on the observer taste of contents. On steemit platform in particular, a post below some word contents or not observing a particular creative standard set by some are considered as trashy. Just a picture and a sentence post may be trashy to some but oozee creativity and genuineness to some.

In a nutshell, reputation score like appearance can be deceptive. It takes more deeper looking into an account to get the real reputation.

Saying I don't pay attention to my reputation score, especially when it increased is not honesty but I don't pay much mind to it. I should get to 60 this month or next which will few good for few seconds, beyond that I don't know or not thinking about it.


I have worked hard for my reputation score and still do to this day, I have been on the blockchain now for over a year I have got to a level of 59.79 and it seems like it is taking forever to get to 60.

Like everybody who joins you start on 25 and for me I went up really fast then when I got to 54 it started to slow down, I started to think that my content wasn't good enough anymore and this made me ask questions.

it turns out that is has nothing to do with what i am posting but more to do with what is written in to the programming, once you reach a certain level it gets harder to get higher.

I have set myself a goal, I want to reach reputation score 61 by midnight new years eve, I hope to get there and my fingers are crossed.

But all in all I am so happy to have the followers and upvotes that I have otherwise I wouldn't be here today.


The reputation score and the steem powers are something I really care for at this moment. My goal is to reach around 65 hopefully by year end. Currently my reputation stands at 57. Around about 8 more to go. Still got some distance to reach.

I hope to increase my Steem power to 1500 before I convert anything to cash or as btc. I am treating this as an investment and also a side hustle. Even it I manage to earn usd 100 a month by next year, it would be worth.

Well, the reputation is like a score board to check how much I've worked on it. I love it that the steemit platform allows you to check all these stats for the geeks like me. It is a joy to see those reputation points increase with each day that passes.

So far I have converted almost everything that I earn from Steem platform to Steem power. I guess it will be some time while btc picks up again. December is coming and Santa may bring us something great as our presents.


The reputation is a nice way of 'keeping the score', and a nice way to see our progress. However, like others have mentioned it has become to easy to 'buy your reputation', just by buying upvotes - I have seen people who have been on the platform for a few weeks now have a higher rep than me becuase they just paid for alot of upvotes. I dont think that this means that they bring more value thn me or are more trusted than me.

I do feel good to see my rep growing though, but I take it with a grain of salt and know that it really isnt that important in the grand scheme of things


I have just under three months in steemit and I really love one of my goals is to reach 60 of reputation in this year, I think I'm on the right track, I have developed the habit of doing a constant job on this wonderful platform and I have focused on my reputation more than on my steen power, because I think it is giving results, I hope to reach that goal, greetings.


When I first started writing on the Steem platform, I wondered how the reputation system works. Eventually, I get to find out more and realize that it is calculated based on the cumulative value of votes you get.

All this time, I treated reputation quite seriously. In fact, I had been tracking my reputation progress every month. It was until the [Byteball airdrop](https://steemit.com/byteball/@culgin/i-am-running-a-service-to-convert-byteball-to-steem) that I started to realize how it can easily be pumped up from 25 to 40 by buying upvotes. Since then, I started not to take it too seriously. That being said, I still consider hitting a reputation above 65 a remarkable feat as it is exponentially difficult to boost your reputation as it gets higher. 

Recently, @steem-ua introduced a new "reputation" system called the User Authority. It basically assesses your authority based on how close you are to trustworthy accounts such as the witnesses. I think this is a better measure because it is much more difficult to game the system. Furthermore, since the Steem platform is fundamentally a social network,  calculating authority based on value of connections/followership makes a lot of sense. If you are keen to find out more about @steem-ua, do check out [their post](https://steemit.com/ua/@steem-ua/introducing-userauthority-ua-steem-ua-and-ua-api)


I care about reputation a little not so much.

Steemit is a platform where we can share many things. Steemit is not only a online earning site but also it is like a newspaper. Because when we read newspaper we can able to know what is happening in the whole word and also help to others to know what is happening in around us.

There is a fact which help other to know how we are doing and how much we contribute on steemit. It is called reputation. We can grow up our reputation by buying upvotes or getting a handsome value of upvote. Sometimes we see that someone's reputation is very low and it is for many reasons. They are : -

1. Copying and pasting others article or writings.

2. Not giving the photo source in article which photo is not his or her.

3. Doing spam on steemit.

If you don't want to down your reputation then you should not do this things.

But there are many contest which you need a specific number of reputation, in that case reputation we hsve to give attention on our reputation.

Now-a-days we all are getting bytes from byteball and we can convert it in many currency. To get this byte your reputation must be 30 and in this case you have to give much attention on your reputation.

I don't care about reputation but i don't want to down my reputation in negative. If you guys don't do any abues, spammin and copy-paste then you guys no need to care about your reputation a lot.

I have a goal to make 500SP  by answering in musing.io in this year. And hope musing and you guys will help me to reach my goal.