What do you regret doing or not doing this year in crypto?
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I personally have no regrets for what I've done this year with crypto. 

I've been fortunate, in that I've made successful gains in day trading (maybe because I have a futuremind?  😝 )

I've certainly limited myself to an extent, some would say, because I am fully invested into Steem. Both financially, and personally. 

Perhaps it's the stubborn bull in me (Taurus). When I become passionate about something, I go all the way!

This could be good or bad, but one thing is certain, I have no regrets for getting on the Steem train. It's not all about the money for me. It's about community, and helping others. 

So, no regrets here!

Good question acesontop!

My God!!!!! It has got to be the biggest regret. I did not know anything about bitcoin and when i did i didn't buy. That's my biggest regret and a colossal one at that.

You see people told me to bring the money i had and boy was i boxed up with cash i didn't even need and i was just too dumb and stubborn to listen to the obviously good advice people gave me. Now just look at how much bitcoin is despite the dip.

The thing i regret doing is the actually buying some crytos and then just to make up for not getting btc i put in a whole loy of money into it and then till this moment, i have not gotten my money's worth of the coin. I mean what was i thinking when i decided to again go against what my friends told me and purchase coins that are not worth anything.

Finally regrets are not healthy. When we do or not do something, we should learn from it as the experience will definitely help us grow and be better.

Buying cryptocurrency when the price was still quite high. I have other crypto assets and I got them when price was still high. There was this anticipation that price will go higher in December 2018 and early 2019 because of what happened last year and this made me rush to purchase some crypto assets. The painful thing now is that most of the assets have fallen to over 60% when compared to the price at which I got them. It's really very sad!

I regret why I didn't sell my crypto early.

Over the past year, prices have experienced increases and decreases, but are dominated by sharp declines. When I get profit from price increases, I wait, and prices slide sharply.

At present, I inevitably have to keep on HODL, because I have lost the presentation of a considerable loss from my investment.

@Acesontop, I am an "Full Time Steemian" so i will talk in perspective of the Steem. In my opinion this is the time when we can invest in Steem and can incresse our influence on the Steem Blockchain by powering up but unfortunately i am not in an position of Investing but i am putting my efforts and whatever rewards i am getting powering up 60%.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Absolutely I do not regret anything this year because I did not invest anything and I could not lose anything. On the contrary, I am very happy to have joined Steemit last year and discovered this wonderful Musing.io platform, because I think it is a great future and great prospects.

But I'm sorry for those who bought crypto-currencies at the peak, that is to say last December - regrettably of course, because the market situation has changed considerably and prices have dropped.

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