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What are your most used primary tags when posting on Steemit? Why?

Thanks for the question.

The tags I use most often these days are sport related because that's what I blog about the most these days. As a matter of fact, I haven't written a non-sport post in about two months.

So, here goes.

sports - I use this tag as my first primarily because those looking to read sports as a whole (that's not streamlined to a particular sport) will be checking through this tag and may happen on my post. It will give me visibility. And isn't visibility what's everyone wants?

football - The second and my best tag for a while now. I blog primarily about football as it's my passion. I write about different teams in different leagues, from Manchester United (the club I support) to Real Madrid in Spain to Juventus in Italy.

If you look through the examples I gave, you'd find a common denominator(well, that's if you're a fan of the round-leather object). I'll tell you though. They are the clubs that has/or is. Playing for. I'm a beryl big fan of his. It's not uncommon then to see me write so much about him.

I also write, of course, about other teams including Barcelona. I don't dig the rivalry that people tend to magnify. If it's the news, I'll write about it.

fiction - My early days on steemit had me writing fiction. I still write fiction but not so much these days. Fiction was nearly all I wrote until sports. I used the fiction tag because I wanted to network other writers who could see my post and get in touch with me. Also, I used the tag so as to gain curation. There were a group of curators then that moved from blog to blog upvoting amazing fictional works. Mine was often lucky to be picked.

nigeria - as in the above, I used this tag to network with fellow citizens of my beloved country and to gain curation too. Thus tag benefited me in my early days and was the reason I didn't give up soon after I had begun.

busy - Not so much these days, I used to include the busy tag in my post so I could be upvoted when they went round. Although the upvote value was usually low, I was always happy to be consistently getting their upvotes.

There you have it. Thanks for reading.


My most used tags are:

utopian-io - This is my most frequent primary tag since I use it for all my open source related posts. Utopian is one of the best communities on Steem and a great way for new users to get a flying start with plenty of rewards if you are prepared to put the work in. And it's all related to an important cause! All contributions to be rated by Utopian need to start with the Utopian-io tag.

musing-threads - Musing is the other platform that I currently use a lot. Musing-threads is the primary tag added automatically for any questions asked.

fiction - Occasional now, but something I'll get back to. All my short stories have this primary tag.

development, analysis - These are my most used secondary tags. Both are related to utopian contributions; one for contributions related to actual coding and one for analyses of open source projects.

busy - Another frequent secondary tag. If you post on the busy.org platform you can get a bonus upvote from the busy team if you add this tag. So I use this one a lot too!

I think with tags it's best to keep it simple. There's no magic formula. Some tags need to be added to participate in certain communities so these tend to be the ones I add most. Otherwise the tags I add are simple and obvious with the aim of getting my posts into the right section for people browsing for certain types of posts.



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That depends on which subject you are posting an article.

For example:-

  • If it is related to photography then you can use #photography
  • If it is related to travel then you can use #travel
  • If it is related to steem you can use #steem #steemit #blockchain #cryptocurrency
  • If it is related to altcoins you can use #altcoins #cryptocurrency #blockchain
  • If it related to science you can use #science #steemstem

There are many such examples like that. But it is good to know that, use of proper tag is extremely essential while posting an article as that will be directed to the audience who are interested in your topic. So along with posting a good article, proper selection of tag is also necessary in steem blockchain.


Depending on the content you are producing there are certain tags you can pick to gain some extra votes for yourself, there are many art and photography bots for example that upvote you for using their tags but for general content and everything you create really, I would suggest using the busy tag because it gives you an upvote every 12 hours!

The busy tag becomes even better when you have people with a lot of stake following you because this increases the amount you get voted for.


Recently mine is steempress, steemhunt and cn.

I'm doing a news show in Chinese, so I put cn as the first tag and hopefully it can push cn tag higher in the ranking haha.

For steempress and steemhunt, I'm using wordpress steempress plugin to post, so it automatically put it as the first tag. 


My most used tags are #motivation, #life #psychology

It all depends on what I'm writing about, I also have some community tags I use which includes #wafrica #steemjet #stach #steemitcentral and recently #eu-africa


My most used tags would probably be:

- Steem/steemit - I probably use this tage in atleast 50% of my posts or more. The reason in that I post alot of blogs about Steem and Steemit, so it seems the best way to reach the relevant people

- Teamnz - this is a tag for Steemians that has a small upvote for those who use the tag!

- Busy - I often use busy, and use the busy tag as it also gives you an upvote on your posts (1 every 12 hours I believe!)

- Actifit - I post my actifit post everyday and love the project!