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What's your favorite breakfast? Why?


Well, usually every morning I like to take coffee  . I think, coffee is a amazing and healthy beverage to start a day.

Coffee is rich in caffeine & antioxidants mostly. Both has some good effects in our health.

Caffeine can improve our mood, that helps us to be alert and gives us energy to concentrate in our works. Also it can improve our metabolic rate. Studies say, 100 milligrams of caffeine burn 80-150 calories a day .

On other hand , antioxidants protect the cells those lining our blood vessels that helps to maintain blood pressure. Also reduce the chances of liver diseases, heart diseases, atc.

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is a great option. Of course there are many more foods are available for breakfast according to there tests and benefits. But coffee is accessible for everyone and available almost all over the world.


Folks, we already have the undisputed champion for breakfast - Nasi Lemak (or at least amongst us, Malaysian!)

Nasi Lemak or Steamed Rice Cooked with Coconut Milk, Served with Fried Chicken/ Rendang Chicken and a big scoop of Fiery Hot Sambal. Hmm, it tastes like paradise. No joke.

In our countries, Malaysia, we definitely love having this Nasi Lemak as our breakfast. Simply because it is fulfilling and at the same time, offering all the delicious tastes and textures you needed for a meal. 

To have the perfect breakfast combination thou, we suggest you to get a cup of Teh Tarik as well! I mean, you would surely not be disappointed! If you ever come visit Malaysia, be sure give them a try!

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my favorite chicken porridge

Chicken porridge which has a soft and savory texture, especially coupled with thick coconut milk sauce plus crackers and chicken and does not forget the sauce.

This chicken porridge costs only 7K, Plukz ... it's cheap and makes you full.

what's the benefit?

let's see sareng-sareng, let's see what the benefits are from this Chicken Porridge or Buryam ....

1. Streamlining Digestion

After Ma'am Jasmine ate, when I looked at this chicken porridge. the texture of chicken porridge is really soft ... this can be able to facilitate digestive performance. Why?. Because when this slurry goes into the stomach, the stomach's performance is not too heavy so it's really fast digestion of the kitan lancaar surfing on the highway😂😂 (hihi)

2. Adding Appetite to Sick People

Why did it happen?. When we are sick, usually we don't have appetite. usually, when you are sick we are fed porridge or food that has broth. Because the texture of the porridge and the taste of porridge is right for the tongue of a sick person. So, this can increase appetite for people who are sick. usually toddlers also like porridge ya ...

3. Maintain our skin ...

how come chicken porridge can protect the skin. (gawking). Remember ... in chicken porridge there is coconut milk. Coconut milk is made from coconut. then the function is still the same as keeping our skin ... as long as the coconut is cooked in a good and right way


Cornflakes with cold milk!

And a cup of black coffee to wash it down!


Chicken porridge

This type of breakfast is my favorite. Chicken porridge is easy to find anywhere. Its soft texture, savory coconut milk and chicken slices make this food suitable for food in the morning.