If you had the option to get your salary being paid in cryptocurrencies would you choose that? If yes, which crypto would you opt for?
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No. It's too volatile. Always fluctuating high or low. I'd get a heart attack if my salary was dependent on something like a roller coaster. I'd still prefer fiat over cryptocurrency for any payment of whatever service I do.

i would not choose it,getting my salary being paid in cryptocurrencies will have more disadvantages than advantages for me,the cryptocurrencies market are not fixed in the sense that the price could go up or down at any point in time,now imagine a situation whereby i earn 1000$ salary which is paid in bitcoin during the time that the rate of bitcoin was more than 13000$,then few days later the bitcoin rate dropped to 6000$ and i had to sell my bitcoin and got a value of 500$ or less,tha makes me get less salary compared to what i earned before,i would not really want my salary to be paid in cryptocurrencies except if the price will stay fixed...

I don't think getting paid a salary based on cryptocurrency is a great idea. Cryptocurrency is too volatile and once you enter a work contract there would probably be no chance to renegotiate the terms of payment if the cryptocurrency value plunges until after the term of the work contract expires.

I guess maybe being paid for part time work on a day to day basis is fine. For example getting paid steem for an hour of writing. That seems like a better idea.

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If you had the option to get your salary being paid in cryptocurrencies would you choose that?

If the salary was good, I would have accepted it. I don't see much problem with that. It isn't that hard to cashout crypto by exchanging it for fiat currency. 

 If yes, which crypto would you opt for?

My pick would be Basic Attention Token. Because it has one of the best teams in the crypto space. I would certainly put the BAT team above Bitcoin team and Golem developer team.

And it isn't just about how skilled they are. It is about how they do things. Of course they are skilled as well. BAT team is highly interactive with the bat community. They answer all our unreasonable questions on reddit, discord and the official brave forum. They often give us hints about what is coming next.

Brave already has 3 million monthly active users. So, it has high value as a product. It is among the few coins that have dumped much less than most of the crypto currencies and that's why it is less volatile.

My pick would be bitcoin. Because it's the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies. You can buy everything with bitcoin. Bitcoin is more stable than other cryptocurrencies during bear market.