What mobile app for Steem do you find the best?

There are a few mobile steem (d)apps that work well. 

I like Partiko the most but a lot of people have been using Actifit. Steepshot is also very popular.

According to Stateofthedaps, these are currently the top 10 most used Steem dapps:

BTW I made a list of popular blockchain apps/services here:



There are several apps for surfing the Steem blockchain but my favourite remains Esteem. And this is because it has an excellent interface that can be relied upon round the clock.

Also, Esteem upvotes posts to support the contributors. So, Esteem remains the best.


There are so many of them that I hardly know all but from the few I do know, two stand out. Partiko and Esteem. Partiko is a good one with an interface that is not bad at all but the most amazing thing about it are the partiko points you earn by logging in, commenting on posts using the app, making posts through the app or even inviting others through your link to use the app. All these earn you partiko points that can be exchanged for upvotes on your posts.

Esteem on the other hand is another great app that makes your steem experience great. It has a wonderful user interface and makes it easy to create, edit and save drafts for later submissions. Esteem also rewards users who use their app to post by upvoting their posts 24 hourly.

These are my two top picks but if you really want me to pick one then at a personal level, I will always go with Esteem. It is a great app for the steem blockchain and I will encourage everyone to try it out and plus esteem also has a desktop surfer too.