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Would you rather delegate to bid bots or musing? Why one over the other?

Well, it will more profitable to delegate to musing than any other bid to because this is where I earn most of my steem. The platform is of more value to me than any bidbot. And in a way, it would be like giving back to a platform that has supported me, I won't even think twice. I want to keep on earning, I want to keep meeting new people, I want to keep musing. So anything that will improve my experience on here, be sure I will grab it with both hands.


I would not delegate to either. 

I'm a proponent of manual curation of content. 

However, if my life depends on this answer, then I would delegate to Musing.

The probability that Musing up-votes trash content is slim, while bots do it all the time.

Musing does the curation manually, which is the only reliable way to do it to avoid promotion of abuse and spam.


I would never delegate to a bidbot. I've never used one, never will. I'd prefer to do it without them.

Musing is doing a good thing, has helped me a lot and I hope this is not a short term project. I'd like to stay on Musing, continue my work, learn and practice English.

So if I were to choose, I'd definitely delegate to Musing and never to a bidbot!

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There are two ways to look at this question. Emotionally, since i have been using the musing platform to gain upvotes, i would definately love to delegate the steem power to musing. Just like musing upvote brings smile on my face it might bring smile on other’s faces too. 

That is ofcourse the emotional part. 

However, if your question is focussed to understand which of them will give you a good return on investment, then i would probably want to delegate my excess steem power to the bid bots which gives decent returns on my investments. 

However, personally i would like to see a smile on muser’s face due to bigger vote given by musing


I am sure we will find out soon enough when SMT's come out in the middle of next year. I was hoping that they would introduce points in the meantime like Steemhunt has. This would give us the opportunity to delegate and get points. Hopefully they are considering this already and let us early musers benefit somehow.

I wouldn't delegate to a bidbot and would find something else to delegate to for a return. The OCDB bot isn't very profitable as they are not about profits but would be the only bot i would consider as it is community based.



I speak from experience because I recently made that switch. Why:

Better rewards.

And there’s a certain satisfaction in engaging to put out some value for readers - even if it’s just witty sarcasm, amidst a few honestly insightful perspectives.

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