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If you could make a good income from crypto and were to move to any country of Europe which would that be? Why?

If I was able to make good income from cryptocurrency, I will move to France.

Why did I choose France?

As a lover of Mathematics, I will love to enrol at The French School Of Mathematics. The French school of Mathematics is still very impregnated of Bourbakism and shine through its research flagships like the Ecole Normal Superieur.

In France, there are alot of Mathematicians and it happens that they're one of the top countries that has also submitted great numbers of papers which was estimated to be 82,050 from 1996 to 2012.

I also got attracted to the place because of some great Mathematicians like Grigori Perleman who contributed to Poincare Conjecture, Cedric Villani who was also known for his impact on the Landau Dumping and Boltzmann Equations, Alexandre Grothendieck who developed his Ax-Grothendieck Theorem, Andrey Kolmogorov who also invented the Kolmogorov Complexity Theory and many other great Mathematicians.

Mathematics is what I love to do and I don't mind going to France to learn more from great scholars of Mathematics if I have made huge amount from cryptos.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to make my post explicit.

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Okay here is the thing - I would take a permit to do my crypto business in Portugal but live in Germany.

Why do crypto business in Portugal: 

Personal crypto taxes in Portugal are zero. Since my crypto income would essentially be using my own and my family's money for the crypto investment, therefore it would be tax free. For this I would need a Portugal based bank account and a fist gateway into from there. 

Why Live in Germany:

As  a crypto Enthusiast I would like stay close to a technically advanced country with a great economic positioning. Germany has all of this and there is not VAT on things paid in Bitcoin. This would allow for a much sweeter place to spend my hard earned crypto.

Note: Both Portugal and Germany have Euro as currency so I would be set :-)


i would love to move to italy because it is a country which i admire so much and i believe it is a country that will enable me to enjoy the money which i earned from crypto trading...


Most European countries are the same. High taxes, Belgium being the winner, and a social network. Meaning, the government wants your money and it wants it now. So I would suggest the country you are most familiar with, or the one your bloodline is from. For me it would be Spain. That is if I had to choose a country. 

But when you have crypto and the government wanting to have a big piece of that pie, I prefer to be able to move freely, so I can stay in one country until it goes crazy with taxes, and then I just move to another sane one.