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For what price would you power down and sell your Steem?

I wouldn’t. Not yet, at least, and when I wouldn’t power down more than I grow each week.

The reason for that is because we first should assess whether the SMT platform will find traction and how it will bring both new users and also possibly investors.

Both HF20 and the SMT platform are designed to give STEEM more value - by eventually making a limited supply token. Until the SMT platform has had 2 years and we’ve had the possibility to analyse its potential, capabilities and also initial longevity (and ease) for developers it would be wrong to focus on any price the STEEM token may have.

Additionally, we have to keep in mind that the more users join the Steem ecosystem, the more difficult it will become to earn (both liquid rewards and vests) because the user growth may be faster than the growth of the rewards pool. Considering that we all vie for that same limited daily pool, the more users the harder it will become to earn STEEM.

If the crypto market can consolidate I think that long term there is potential for STEEM to become a $30-$40 token. True, that will take years but I would thus not consider powering down below $25-$32, unless life requires it.


As mentioned a couple of times before in my Steemit posts and here on Musing.io I believe in the Steem blockchain and what it can achieve in the near future. That said, I have never and will probably never power down any of my SP. What I will do though, is continue actively curating quality content to earn curation rewards  and keep producing quality content to earn even more. 

The part of the rewards we are currently getting in STEEM, I'm saving in the wallet for when the next hype phase happens and price soars. Then, I'll try to sell at the top but not to cash out my earnings to USD or any other fiat currency but to buy back in the lows when the price falls back down agan as we seen it happen so many times before. 

Basically, my goal is just to earn as much STEEM as possible so that I can give more valuable upvotes and earn better curation rewards.


I have joined this platform without any investment. 

Now I have SP of 100 plus. at the movement my focus is to accumulate  more and more SP. 

May be after 5 to 10 years I think about selling some steem.

I think at the movement it time to hold the steem.



I haven't thought of powering down at the moment. I barely have a significant amount of SP, and besides powering down takes way too long. The real issue is that I blog very frequently from my smartphone. My laptop is very old and weak, and I need to buy a new one. Hence, I think I would sell some of my STEEM to get me a new laptop when it hits $5 and above, because at that rate I would be able to send a significant number of STEEM and get a relatively bigger amount in my native currency while preserving some of my STEEM in my wallet for future purposes. So yeah, I basically will sell some of STEEM at a price of $5 each.

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Powering down your STEEM will take 13 weeks. That means the SP is going to be of significant amount to power down or the price should be constant for 13 good weeks.

I will power down when STEEM enters $8 dollars. I think that will be sensible.


The cryptocurrency is not stable as fiat currency and it's always flaunctuating, and this means that it will take basically 13-14 weeks to power down your steempower.

However I think we haven't seen an elasticity of the steem price, that's why I think the price of STEEM must range from 100-150 dollars and that's the only price that can tempt me to power down and sell my STEEM Nevertheless I won't power down for less than this I think I'll still keep using to make more STEEM and powering up my account and using it to make more and powering up