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Do you think Steem has any serious competition at the moment? If yes, why? If not, why?

Yep! One selling point of Steem is how fast it can process transactions without transaction fees. If I am not mistaken Steem's transaction speed on average is 3 seconds and can withstand 10,000tx per second when tested. 

One serious competitor for Steem: EOS's transaction speed on average is 1.5 seconds which is half as fast as Steem, although with a little transaction fee. Many people also believe that it is much more scalable and more secure compared to Steem.

Looking at the activity for cryptocurrencies from the past week, we'll see that EOS activity is almost 43 times more active compared to Steem. 

Source: http://blocktivity.info/


There are more than one hundred cryptocurrencies that are doing well on the crypto market and they all have their own unique features and they all have their own strategies and values which could make them to become more utilized in the future...

so yeah steem has serious competition but that should not make the steem developers to be intimidated and that should not make them divert from the original purpose why the steem blockchain was created....steem has great projects surrounding it and i believe that steem blockchain will continue to prosper...