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Do you think Nigeria can be free from book haram totally? give your reasons for your opinion??

Yes ! Nigeria can be free, and shall be free as soon as few years from "Boko Haram" Insurgency.

Most Enduring Nations, like the US has withnessed their fair share of internal crises like that of Boko Haram and prevailed. There are many examples of such Nations, but many waxed stronger thereafter; Nigeria's case can't be an exception!!

These are Why, as attested by @alaisguineasis, who was at the epicentre of the crises in Maiduguri and Gwoza , until few years ago.

1) The crises is a Political Problem ,but dressed in religious cloak to deflect it's true nature such that it could achieve it's political goals more easily. The Haramites grouse is how to grab power from the Federal Government , so as to enable a more Islamic legal system of Government.

Once they are availed a share of the cake of administrative; they would Ignorantly fizzle away.

2) No Financial Ability To Weather the Storm. Soon, their source of finance would be so depleted that they would follow the path of Peace and Surrender!!