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Which disease is the most deadly disease between Cancer and HIV/Aid? give your reasons?

At this point in time, I would have to go with cancer.  If you had asked this question back in the 80's or early 90's I probably would have said AIDS.  I am pretty sure I was in grade school when the AIDS epidemic first started to happen.  It was very scary and treatments/cures at that time were very much non existent.  

It was pretty much the wild west and nobody really knew anything about the disease.  I think that is very different now.  We have been educated, we know the risks and the causes and we have treatments that can give people who have contracted the disease a long fulfilling life.

On the other hand cancer is still a bit of a mystery.  Sure there are treatments and they can cure it in some cases, but they still aren't quite sure what causes it.  In some instances it is pretty clear, but in other's it just seems to be bad luck.

It seems like every other day they are realizing that something was a carcinogen that they didn't know about in the past.  I read a study one time that said if you were to live forever and not die from something else, you would eventually contract some form of cancer.  It is just a fact of the world that we live in now.

Carcinogens are all around us and it is impacting people all over the world on a daily basis.  Treatments are getting better, but the the pharma industry is getting too rich on the treatments for them to really take the time to worry about a total cure.  Most of the research that you see being done is by Universities and Educational establishments not the companies that produce the drugs.  

It just isn't in their best interest. 

Think about how many times in your life you hear that "so and so" got some form of cancer.  Now think about the number of times you have heard someone say "so and so" has AIDS.  I would bet money that it is pretty small if non existent.  I would assume that a lot of it has to do with where you live and there is something a bit more private about AIDS than cancer. The fact remains that you probably hear about more people getting cancer than AIDS.

Additionally, there are many more forms of cancer than their are of AIDS.  That in my opinion also makes it much more deadly.  The fact that there are so many different kinds is pretty telling.

Finally,  in reality, it usually isn't AIDS that actually kills a person.  Typically AIDS compromises their immune system so greatly that some other virus or bacteria like the flu or pneumonia is the thing that actually kills them.  Therefore, if you want to argue semantically, cancer is definitely more deadly than AIDS.


I don't figure you can put a rating of which is more terrible on these two ailments. They are both serious and lethal diseases. There are a variety of cancer types and also treatment alternatives and survival rates shift for various types and the stages. .

We are gradually showing signs of improvement at enhancing survival for a few types of cancers. We have additionally turned out to be better at the management of HIV. Whenever it is detected early there are strong medications that can help to prevent an individual from having AIDS. There are social and financial reasons that make HIV treatment a lot harder.

Social and monetary deterrents are among the most concerning issues. Nobody wants to be marked as HIV+ due to the stigma that is usually attached to it in our society. We have gained ground yet that keeps individuals from being screened until late in the movement of the infection.

The medications are often expensive which makes taking them unaffordable for some individuals that require them. There is additionally the issue that AIDS patients likewise have cancer that was developed as a result of the sickness. So for those individuals there isn't much distinction. The two diseases are both dangerous and one is not better than the other when they are both in advance stages...


I would say Cancer. My reason is that Aids has a drug that puts it into remission. The retro viral drug works and millions of people are on it.

Cancer on the other hand is a battle for your life and not all treatments work. it depends how far the disease has spread and how early it is diagnosed for you survival chances. The earlier the better. We don't hear of too many people surviving cancer but we do with Aids.