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What is the difference between Quran and Bible? are they still saying the same thing? should one be ignore and the other considered or the two should he considered?

They are two entirely different books.

The Qur'an is the word of Allah which the Muslims believe in and in all forms that it appears, whether a small or big sized Qur'an in the US or UK or in Afghanistan, the content of the Qur'an is the same, unadulterated. That's one of the uniqueness of the book from every other book, like the Bible itself.

The thing with the Bible is research over the years has shown that, the original scripture is not what we have today. The ones we see everywhere today are works of men, like Apostle Paul (formerly Saul), so there are a lot of incoherences, contradictions and false claims. This is why you would see varying versions of the Bible, each carrying almost dissimilar content.

Quite a number of the things attributed to Jesus were not said or done by him because even the the writers never met him. Even Professors of Theology have confirmed it in many findings.

Although, it is believed that, the "original" scripture which is hidden from Christians today has some contents, similar to the Qur'an which is one of the reason it is hidden to conceal the truth. That is why even in some places in the today versions of the Bible, you would still see places that conform with the teachings of the Qur'an. The only difference here also is that, the meanings of the teachings of the Qur'an may not be gotten by translating them on face value expertise is needed to understand the Qur'an beyond just mere words.


Every perspective has its time, place, and value...


They are two different books based on two different religions.

If you know one, stick to it, but if you feel the other is better, then you can switch and find out.


> should one be ignore and the other considered or the two should he considered?

In blockchain or github terminology Quran is a fork of bibles. Let's start with the Bible. 

There have been several similar stories shared between several religions in the Near East. One of these religions that managed to last until today is Judaism with its' writings or bible also called Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament. 

Christian Bible - Jesus has built he's own cult and his followers created a Christian fork of the bible. Out of ~30 or so gospels they have adapted 4 and removed Maria Magdalena from her position of, in todays' terminology, Archbishop she had within the cult.

Protestants, Jehova Witnesses and other Christian forks adopted version of the bible created in Rome after Christians took power without major changes, but interpretations might differ.

Quran - Muhammad has created his own cult and new book was created - Quran. Stories in the new book are in large derived from Jewish and Christian bibles.

It is fuzzy what original (bitcoin) bible was, but the other religions mentioned above are (in blockchain evolution analogy) bitocoin descendants, litecoin, dogecoin, gridcoin, dash etc... Thus you can consider them as much as you like.