What do you think can be done to deal with anger?

The only way one can deal with anger is by having a positive mindset at all times. Anger is s characteristic every human has, but realising there is no point of getting yourself angry to the extent of staying angry is an act of maturity. It is not easy to avoid being angry even when the experience or occurrence in your environment causes you to, but It is more beneficial to you if you can stay away from anger.

Staying away from anger is all based on mindset, we and only we can decide to tune our minds from being angry.

The ability of moving on with life like nothing happened even after we might have been hurt is called Anger management.

There are a lot of things we can do to avoid staying angry like seeing movies, blogging, writing, going out for a picnic etc. These things are more that can seem to give us happiness and make us forget the fact that we should be angry are the things we should do when we are angry.

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There are a lot of anger management skills. One way to control anger is never to take the first action that comes when you're angry.

That action, most times, always turn out to be a regrettable one. When you're terribly angered, take a deep breath. In some cases, that might just be all you need to do.

Take a deep breath. Breathe through your thoughts, take a deep breath again. And then erase the first thought of action. Or think over it again but this time more carefully.

Anger has resulted in murder, damage, divorce, accident, domestic violence, civil war, community clash, World War, unnecessary flagging and downvote, treacherous betrayal, fight etc.

Anger has denied many of opportunities and positions. Anger has killed so many quality relationships and ended many friendships. Anger has separated families.

Anger prevented Moses from entering the long promised land. Anger has stopped any from reaching their destinies.

The unintended consequences of anger is far worse than we can ever imagine. All humans are vulnerable to anger. It is normal to get angry once in a while but what you do when you're angry is even more important.

It takes courage, understanding and maturity to handle anger. Once you allow anger direct your actions, reactions and responses, you lose yourself to it. You become enslaved by it.

The human nature is flawed. It takes maturity, patience and self denial to deal with anger perfectly. Another thing that will stand in your way while trying to deal with anger is your ego. Your ego can become a stumbling block. Sometimes, you have to kill your pride just so you don't fall on the other person as you may wish to.

In dealing with anger, there are times you'll have to stoop low just to conquer it. Others may see it as weakness, but trust me it's not. There's so much wisdom involved in being able to manage anger successfully than the unintended consequences that can emanate from flaring up with it.

Know what can calm when you are angry and always tend to do such when you find yourself in the situation. Is it talking to a friend or loved one, or playing games. You could watch a movie to let go the tension or do a particular sports. You could write or listen to music. Whatever thing that you think can calm you and take your mind away from the anger will be very helpful.

Another way to resolve anger is to resort to dialogue. Communication helps, it can go a long way. Talk about the issue. Discuss it. Discuss how to resolve it and be committed towards that.

However, the mindset and perception one develops towards handling anger is more important. It is the foundation towards solving any anger problem. You have to understand first that no one has the power to control your emotions except you allow them.

You have to know that whatever issue or problem that led to your anger is not permanent but temporary. You have to know that just like any challenge, anger will always come and pass away except you choose to dwell on it.

You have to know that you'll always have need to forgive people in the future and always, so when they get you angry it doesn't become so difficult to do so.

When you develop the right positive mindset and perception about anger and how to handle anger, life will become easier to live.

Imagine a world where most people have this understanding, there will be no need for nations to go to war, we'll save the world a whole lot of drama. The world would become a much better place. A world filled with people with good anger management skills.

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# How to deal with anger in my opinion

First of all, know that you are most times not understood when you are angry or display anger. So you have to calm down personally and relay why you are angry at that person.

Also, know that anger is unhealthy.

Also, know that you are you and someone cannot be you.

Also, accept the things you cannot change.

Also note when you are exhibiting too much ego/pride

Also, as a person, you are not  angry being, you are more and bigger than anger, you are the one that welcomes anger in or not, do not allow anger to deal with you.

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Actually the ability of Controlling your anger would totally depends on what actual issue is making you get angry...though there are many ways that could help you to prevent and also control the bad temper tantrum, the fact is that the identification of the source of your anger or actually knowing what really makes you angry is the actual first step towards controlling anger...

One of the most effective and also profound ways of really controlling an anger after having being able to identify the problem is breathing.... yeah breathing..

Deep breaths do really help someone to be able to prevent anxiety and also depression and also be able to calm a person in a situation which is an event of a temper anhilation.....

First work on how to really identify what really makes you angry. And then after you actually have done that,try to be able to control your temper concerning any issue by breathing and also letting yourself know and really talking to yourself that " no issue that is different from your own self should worth making you get angry....

Another way you can deal with anger is that you should engage in "anger management classes"


 Count to ten and after 5 seconds try to think rational about the situation of why you got angry, then the following information will make the anger vanish like snow in the desert!
if you are not used of this, practice to count to 3 in conversations before you answer, and before you know it, you can master these skills and learn to control your feelings, by thinking rational in situations! 


When I get my kick, my anger adrenaline, because I have anger issues. I use it in a positive way, its free converted energy in an instant. So if I get my kick, I actually get really happy and start doing productive stuff like cleaning or exercise. The bad thing, because I get happy, the kick is less strong. But when I really get a kick, I use it that way, doing some physical things.


I think it could depends on various factors like what is the cause of anger and the level of anger. Also we differ on how we react on situations and how we release our anger. There are some who can be angry easily on petty things while others can remain calm even on some worse situations.

Some can deal with their anger by eating, sleeping, playing games, talking with a friend or having a stress free vacation.


Good, hot, hard, passionate sex. Lots of it.


 The Best option is to breath deep and then ignore your feelings, and focus on the cause of the problem. Then when you think rational, the feelings of anger will slowly cool down!