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What are the things or steps you can take to stop your children from stealing and lieing?

I believe in education as the only mechanism to train people. A child should be educated with values and principles, not only in schools, but also at home, which is where we receive our first and daily training. When I talk about educating, I don't just mean talking, talking, also showing by example, behavior, what we want from our children. It is of no use that I give him countless advices and with your actions you do other things. Word and action of the hand.

It is necessary that this education goes through supervision, even if it sounds ugly, we must supervise, be aware of what our children do, what their friends are, their favorite places, what they do outside and inside the house. The idea is not that you become his shadow, because that can cause a negative reaction in the child, but that you are aware of what he does.

We must also talk to them, that they know that you are interested in what they do, that you love them. Ask them what they think of some things, for example some values; their answer will surely give you an indication not only of their way of thinking, but also of the path they are taking. 

In particular, I think it is sometimes necessary not only to point out the positive things but also the faults. If good things are rewarded, we will also have to punish bad things. Perhaps the punishment is simple, but for the child to realise that if he does the bad things, he will have losses and nothing beneficial in return. 

I think that in any situation it is better to prevent than to regret; so a good communication, orientation, a good education on time, will surely guide the child along the path of good and keep him away from illicit and negative activities.   



Instillation of proper values.

And/or instillation of fear with threats of repercussions should they do it.

I’d say the first would be the “better” route.


@Adenijiadeshina, Right teachings will keep children on right path and after the teachings aspect, most important is environment of home means, if parents are fighting with each other and violent nature is going on at home then no matter how many good teachings parents will give in my opinion children can walk on the opposite path because our environment makes us, more than words. Stay blessed. 🙂


The advice I can give to any parent experiencing such acts from the child or children is to make sure you get them more acquainted with the word of God. Let them see reason why they should quit stealing and Lieing as a Christian that they are that is if you are a Christian because Christian are not meant to lie. It is our duty to teach them the right things to do. 

Secondly, if it is the case of stealing let the child know that you will provide then their need if they ask from you and you see a good reason why you should give to then what it is they want.

Thirdly, In the case of lies. Get more closer to your children. Let them be fond of you as most lies from children are as a result of fear. But if they are fond of you and actually do feel remorse for their wrong they will see no reason to lie to you as their parent.

I enjoyed answering your question. I'm hoping you find it informative. See you around soon.