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Do you think Holy spirit is more powerful than the angels or is holy spirit an Angel also?

The holy spirit is not an angel, he's actually the one the bible actually call the comforter, and he is the third trinity of God. The angels are definitely different and the holy spirit is like a guardian , that guides our footsteps he is the spirit lurking and actually helping us to make the right decisions.

When Jesus actually went up into heaven he promised the disciples a comforter which was called the holy spirit and after he went up into heaven the disciples actually experienced what it feels like to have the holy spirit inside of them so many of them prophesied as so many of them dreamt dreams and spoke in other language this is not an influence of an angel but the third trinity of God who is actually always with us in all situation.

The holy spirit makes it easy for us to have spirit of excellence and discernment, at the same time it is the voice of God inside of us in fact the holy spirit is God in fact, the comforter which was promised by Jesus. So when we are filled with the holy spirit we have the 7 fruit of the spirit as well as other things.

And you must know that the holy spirit doesn't dwell in a place that is unclean and when you read the bible very well you will discover that it was the holy spirit that always came upon samson and activated his powers when he wanted to fight the philistines but as soon as he lost his power then the holy spirit gently left him. So with all these situations you would have seen the difference between the holy spirit and an angel they are two different entity while the holy spirit is God the angel is a creation of God