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How can you show love to your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Showing love to your spouse depends on your spouse. His/her preferences. Or based on your spouse's love language. πŸ’žπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž

And that is why you need to understand your partner's love language.

There are five(5) different love languages:

Words of Affirmation: When you assure and reassure your partner of your love for them. Most people whose love languages are words of affirmation, are natural poets as they can express their love in beautiful words. My first love language is words of affirmation so if you're my partner and you reassure me of your love for me, you are expressing love to me. 😍

Gifts: Some people's love language is gift. When you give them gifts, you are simply expressing your love for them.

Physical Touch: For others, it is physical touch. You find them all touchy. It doesn't have to do with anything sensitive. Just a slight touch on their hands, you are already sending a love signal across to them. They'll slightly brush your face and other physical areas of your body and would be very excited to do so.

Acts of Service: Act of service simply means acting in a way that serves your partner. For a lady whose love language is act of service, if you assist her in the kitchen, she feels so loved. For a guy whose love language is act of service, he will be so happy to help out when need arises, it doesn't matter if it's kitchen activities or not.

Quality Time: When you spend quality time with some people, they automatically feel you're into them.

Understanding your partner's love language is what makes a relationship strong. Because you will be able to show them that you love them. For example, if your partner's dominant love language is words of affirmation, all you need to do is reassure them consistently about how much you love and care about them. The same goes for others.


1... Talk about - don't contend.

2. Be persistent with that person - and be sympathetic. On the off chance that you can't be compassionate, atleast don't think about things literally - when the person in question is being upstanding and legitimate with you - they simply need you to know how the individual feels inside and they require your assistance when they are transparent with you and not for your conscience to get injured.

3. Be unequivocal in your adoration. On the off chance that your lover accomplishes something incorrectly - demonstrate it to them, let him or her know graciously.

4. Be accessible for them-be there when the individual in question is no one worth mentioning - coz on the off chance that you are not there when your accomplice is a failure or when they are battling with some issues, you absolutely won't merit the person in question in their prosperity and bliss.

5. Deal with your SELF - internal identity - for that exceptional individual. Love is when two individuals can deal with their very own self and enhance ordinary in everyway conceivable.

6. Give your time - not blessings or cash or whatever else - coz that time you provide for the person in question, go through with the person, is the most valuable present for them...

7. Ensure your beau/sweetheart realizes that they are vital to you and that you cherish them so much - not by your words alone - but rather by lining up through with your activities.


When you talk about showing your boyfriend/girlfriend love. There are a lot of ways of doing that which include;

β€’ Always let them know you care about them.

β€’ Give them your attention by letting them know you got their back at all times.

β€’ Be Proud of them by letting people know about them and also letting them know you are proud to have them in your life.

β€’ Encourage them by with motivational words no matter the situation. Stand by then through thick and thin. Your encouraging words can help go a long way.

β€’ Keep in touch by calling, texting. By doing so they feel loved.

β€’ Try to be trustworthy, let them trust what you can and can't do.

You can make your lover feel lover by doing all these.


Relations are lies based on the love. If you have any kind of relation with someone. It meeds love and your care. Usualy most if the people are not able to show there love as much as they do with any one. But i think you should have to show your feeling of you have love with someone. Many acts that shoes the intensity of your love. Some are given here.

1. Give time.

This is base of any relation to stay with love. Your time is most important for your love. So always try to give time to you love ones

2. Take care of other's emotions.

If you love each ohers. Than try to take care of others emotions and thinking. If you have a high capacity to think someones emotions ot would be grat for you relation.

3. Take care of your resposabilities.

This is such a important matter. No matter it should be for only love. It should be you job to take you responsbilities in right manners.


If you are trying to please your gf or bf then remember one thing it isn't going to work anyway. If you are new to this kind of relationship then it is going to take some time before you understand the upper sentence. Β 

The most important thing that you can give to your love one is time and this is the only way you can show that you Β are really dedicated to this relationship. Gifts, chocolates, flowers are all the materialistic and I feel like this is pretty much formality but if you spend time within a relationship this will carry relationship to a longer distance.

Give your time to him/her that's it!