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Do you think nothing is impossible or it is just a saying?


Obviously, as a motivational line, “everything is possible if only…” can work “miracles”. But we know better. We know some things are indeed impossible, either physically or because of some impending variables. 

We know we all die, so living eternally is impossible. We also know we can’t bring people back from the dead, no matter how much we want it or how good the dead person was.

We also know that peace everlasting is impossible. It seems to be in the genetic wiring of human beings to always find ways to generate conflicts. Peace is conceivable and some countries have never been in all-out wars, but the kind of world peace that will bring stability and prosperity to all peoples around the world can be added to the list of impossibilities (even though, in my view it is not only possible but easy, if only…).

We know that humans are imperfect and that perfection is impossible, perfection itself being a construct hard to define. We may reach virtuous lives with tons of qualities to be highlighted and good deeds to be remembered for, but there will always be some aspect of our lives that will be brought out to scrutiny and that will be a testimony of our imperfect humanity.

The eradication of poverty, injustice and diseases may be counted as the most frustration conceivable, yet utterly impossible things humanity has always faced and will probably continue facing for as long as we exist.

If the condition to achieve these things is a massive religious conversion, a return to god, as most religious leaders preach, it will be equally impossible. First of all religions would have to agree on whether or not there is only one god and which one that would be, and then they would have to convince every person on earth to shun from evil and do only what is right before that chosen god. I’d say it would be easier for every person on earth to reject evil than for religious leaders to agree on ending all their differences and rowing in the same direction. This closes our vicious cycle of impossibilities.


It is not just a saying, but the statement to provide motivation to achieve success. This means that nothing is impossible, as long as you want to try, optimistic and pray for your success.

In this world nothing is impossible when you want something, and you struggle to achieve it, then the chances of your success are very possible, because no effort ends in vain.

Don't think "it's impossible, or impossible"! Why? "Impossible" is only in the dictionary of fools and lazy people. Everything can happen if God allows it. So, hang your ideals as high as the sky, and build your dream, because the possibility to realize your dreams and dreams is very great if you try with high optimism, God willing, it will succeed.

Have you ever dreamed of having a wife who is not only beautiful, but also kind, loyal and responsible to you and your family, so that a harmonious and happy family is created, If your dream is strong accompanied by prayer, then God will give you a way Your dreams come true. The possibility is very very large, and you only need "commitment and optimism and don't forget to pray".



Mostly a saying to encourage people and help them to stay positive. It's a nice saying and it helps, especially when you say it after things are done and everything has turned out ok or great. 

Unfortunately life is funny, sometimes no matter what you do, you can't succeed. Some problems have no solution, you have no chance of winning. I'm telling you this from experience. There are illnesses you have to fight, they say there's a 5% chance, you get desperate, after some time you say nothing is impossible and you start fighting, but you loose anyway. 

Even though it's just a saying, it's nice to believe in it sometimes :)


It's just a saying. There are an infinite number of things that are simply impossible.