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What kind of partner do you hope to have?

One should for the following qualities in their life partner.

Trustworthy: no relation can be strong if partner do not have trust on each other.

Maturity: your partner should be mature enough to stand with you in difficulties.

Openness: partners should be open to each other.

Honesty: without honesty no relation could be last longer.  

Respect: partner should have respect for each other.

Love and affection: Love and affection is the most important quality of partners.


Many would like to be your partner but who can you take? Of course not. This long ride to your success requires a partner that you can trust. I discuss below :

What is his position from the social perspective?

If you are interested in taking your partner as a lot of skill, but you are not sure how hard he really is, if he is an investor in your business, then he is really looking at his social position, if he is a scholar, then what exactly is his experience?

How does he cope with the difficult situation?

It is important for you to know if your partner is in difficult situations then how to accept and deal with it on the back of the wall, because in this journey you will face many difficult situations in the journey of the business, in that case, whether he will fulfill your responsibility with you Whether you're going to give up or just give up or do other things


He ought to be kind, humble and all the way down to earth.

He ought to be an ardent reader and it might be a cherry on high if he's additionally into writing .

He ought to be somebody WHOm I will look upto;someone who inspires me to be higher everyday.

He ought to be sensible with words; somebody WHO does not speak a great deal as in not terribly talkative however once he do individuals gets enchanted.

Someone WHO prefers a kind of tree house over mansion.

Someone WHO is willing to create a house behind a mountain...

He ought to be a feminist; somebody WHO respects their opinion and believes in equality.

He ought to be gallant.

He ought to be somebody WHO would surprise Me with various romantic gestures; like he would simply arbitrarily kiss you within the middle of some work or whereas you are roaming during a park or creating breakfast.


A God-fearing woman will certainly make a great partner for me.