Can steemit last for generations to come?
Can steemit last longer from one generation to another?

Whenever we search on YouTube or Google about online earning then we found many vedioes and sites. But we don't know which vedioes app or sites are real. We always see that in the end of the vefio they shows the payment proof. To see this we all are starting to do work on that sites or apps. We spent our valuable time behind the apps or sites but when the time come to get payment, we don't get any payment. We don't get payment because that sites are ptc site. Ptc means the site can stop giving payment at any time. Finally, we spent there a lots of time but don't get any payment.

Steemit is a platform where you can share your feelings, emotions, life style and so on. Steemit is a platform if you can spent your time properly and create original and quality content then it can be said that you will be a successful steemian.

Steemit is not a ptc site which can stop giving payment at anytime. So, I think steemit can last for generations to come.
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I honestly would not expect it to.

Technology and cultural trends are developing so fast, the world will be SO different decades from now that means of communicating will likely have radically transformed beyond this current form.


That question is objectively unanswerable.

Any clear-cut answers would be merely the projection of opinions and cognitive bias.

There are too many unforeseen factors to accurate predict... 🔮

Steemit is a website owned by Steemit.inc. It's like Facebook or Google that has a company behind.

The STEEM blockchain however, is the open public decentralized blockchain that powers the content management system of all the Dapps (decentralized apps ) that is built on it.

Steemit and Steem is not the same thing. You need to understand that. Unfortunately it's been heavily conflated due in part to lack of marketing and user confusion and spread of false information by a majority of websites.

So if you're asking about the STEEM blockchain, technically as long as there is a node running the blockchain, it will survive. anyone can run a node with the right tool, and being voted as a top witness (node) pays VERY WELL.

So i dont see how people would give up running a node anytime soon.
Steemit is currently a popular medium. Now many people use steemit. Every country seems to have more steemit user. steemit a earning site. And almost everyone knows how to earn from here.

If someone searches for steamit on google or youtube, you can get info about steemit. If someone else wants to see its prement proof then you can search in youtube. And hope you will get your answer. I also got prement. So I can say it's real site. This is a site like a social site (eg: Facebook, tewiter).

Steemit does not like any PTC site that prement some days, but not later. steemit is a trusted site. I'm working at steemit about 6 months and I can tell from experience that steemit will be the next genaretion. I hope you got your answer.

I really doubt it. Most social media platfoms only last under a decade. If steemit ever gets its legs under it perhapse it can last onger because it pays but who really knows. When the owner (ned) seems to not have faith in it and wants to move on to Destiny then that makes me believe steemit will be short lived. 


Time will tell and no one could say either way. There are loads of things that could happen. It is not something i would bet my house on.

Many things change over time and who knows the way technology is moving it could be a dinosaur in 10 years if the developers don't stay up with what is happening.

The answer is there is no real answer to this particular question. I would like to think so but honestly have no idea.

I think it depends on how valuable Steemit becomes. If there are more users that use it and there is an intrinsic value towards the keeping of Steem Tokens, I guess it can last for generations and I think may evolve into something that is new. It is currently worth around 340 million if i am not mistaken in total market capitalization. Correct me if i am wrong. Hehehe. One thing I am rather excited is that it can be converted to Bitcoins.

There is no reason for it not to at the moment.  As long as there witnesses churning out blocks keeping the newest transactions recorded it will yes indeed be an ongoing public record for years, decades, and perhaps centuries to come.