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Does musing have the maximum amount of upvote on answers in a day?
I noticed after upvoting two question i answered in a day, i dont get upvote on other answers throughout the day.<br>Am i correct?
Musing curators filter and curate answers they deem good when they are online. There's generally no upvote limits per day or even per person so far.

All that means nothing if your answers don't impress them though.

Just enjoy answering questions! whether the votes come shouldn't be an issue. Remember that people literally answer questions for free on other QA platforms and still be successful too! So just chill!

Enjoy the process. There are more things you can get from Musing than just upvotes if you know what you're doing.
Musing curator don't have limits on the number of answers they will vote from a user in a day. However, there is a quality guideline because of the manual curating. If an answer is not deemed high enough quality or if its wrong, it might not get voted or voted at a lower %.