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How does your subconscious and conscious mind work?
Where does thought come from?

Read this article: https://www.wired.com/story/how-to-build-a-self-conscious-ai-machine/

You could think of our brain as a very complex neural network (=biological computer) with advanced algorithms that are self improving.

Artificial intelligence has learned me more about consciousness. 

We learn in the same type of way like computers can self improve with Deep learning architectures.

Human decisions making is done by advanced decision trees.

Still humans are more efficiënt than computers because our brain is wired superior. You could compare it to a blockchain and tangle. Humans are like a tangle, all parts are directly wired together while with an electronical computer that's not the case. Computers can only use bits and bytes to process information with, while we as humans can process more information by default. 

It's only a matter of time before computers become human like. Can take a decennia maybe. Quantum computers will have the same capability as our  human brain. And with better algorithms computers will one day be smarter than humans. 


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 Your conscious mind is the voice of your senses, it's guided by your left brain and will try to rationalize everything what your senses detect. And your subconscious mind is like your hard drive, it captures everything what your sense detect without rationalize about the data. That is the reason they use subliminal messages in movies to deliver a message in a secret way. Because when we watch a movie then our left side brain goes into sleep mode, and our right side brain collect every data it sees and make sure that the right feelings will react on what you see. There for they put car brands or merchandise in movies, or quotes or stories to manipulate our minds, to make sure that the information they share will stick in our minds. There for they call it program, that is to program us!

A thought can come from our conscious and our subconscious mind, our conscious mind can we control but our subconscious mind not. When we experience trauma or negative situations in life, then our subconscious mind release thoughts about those situations, until we develop our selves to a stage that we can accept the past and give it a place to rest. That make many people can't forget what happen in the past, because those thoughts' comes up every time and remind them what happen, with the same reaction of feelings of the past.
It also works with positive situations from the past, those thoughts can give someone strength or more secure.

That saying, we can never silent our thoughts, we can only shape them in a way of how we want to think. But if we use our thoughts in the wrong way, then it can backfire against us and make us very ill or stressful. Because our thoughts also activate our fight and flee system, which has a huge impact on our heart, and can even weaker our immune system.