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Should a man cook while his wife watches film with her friends?

No!!! A man should never cook. He should cook, only if he wants to be a better man. 

I am sorry to say, but the gender and task in the question is not related in anyway. It is a stupid  idea that this society has force upon itself that the woman should cook and man should enjoy. But when you just take one step beyond this stupid idea the life becomes much better. 

Not just in this scenario, but in every other case share the load wherever you can. It will only make the life better. Do laundry once in a while, cook for her and when you share the load it will be easier for both of you. It may seem unorthodox to many and they may say things like 'you aren't supposed to do a women's work?' and it is a stupidity. Well, I call it care when you share the workload. 

Wouldn't it be nice to fight about something other than you not helping her in Kitchen. :-)

Warning - All men must first seek permission before helping the ladies out. No matter how tempting the surprise of you cooking the food my look. Stay away from cooking station unless you are 100% sure. The plan could backfire in an event of overlooking any of the below important points

  1. What she likes or doesn't?
  2. Is she is allergic to something that you are cooking?
  3. Ingredient that you are using are veg/ non-veg / organic or whatever way the ladies are classifying it?
  4. And finally the most important thing. Do you know whatever you are doing?

If you are not so sure. Just do the dishes...

Disclaimer - Please take this answer in light tone, I have not intention of hurting anyone's feeling.  This article is just for fun and should be taken in light sense of humour. Please do not treat my answer as a word of expert. God knows no one can understand a woman. :-)


This question appears a little puzzling to me. Do you mean that it's ok for a wife to cook for a husband while he watches a film with his friends, but that it may be an issue if the wife wishes to have the same treatment?

If she needs some sort of 'special permission', or if it is beneath the husband's dignity, then the marriage is likely not one of equality. If the man cannot cook, that's something else, although pizza can still be put in the oven :D. However, if this is an issue because 'it is not a man's job to cook', then we are looking at a prejudice inherited from a time when a woman's role was seen to be domestic only - cooking, cleaning, children. Is this still the case? It might seem to be so within the framework of this question!

If however, the husband sees the occasion for what it is ie. an opportunity to do something nice for his wife, then we are looking at a something much more like respect and equality. If the husband has a problem with his friends teasing him, then the issue looks more like gender stereotyping.

I am aware that in many parts of the world it would be seen as 'odd' for a man to cook for his wife. Yet this is happening more and more. To refuse to do this on the grounds of 'tradition' is just bullshit.


This decision is one that would have to be by mutual consent. As long as both parties have agreed to it, then it's not a problem.

I don't subscribe to the school of thought that things must go the way society says it should. Marriage is an institution involving two people, not the whole world. Decisions made should be the consent of only two people; man and wife.

In most societies, people see it as the woman's duties to do chores and kitchen work. This shouldn't be so. I feel that the kitchen was made-up for the woman alone. It's even fun to have the kitchen duties rotated.

Marriage shouldn't be stereotyped.

Why can the man be in the living room rooms and having discussions with friends while the wife cooks and the reverse cannot be the case?

The bottom line should be the understanding between both parties. They define what is acceptable and what isn't.


Yes, it should be possible if the man trust his wife because trust is very important thing in life if someone trust someone by more than anything then he could be trust him by anyway.



Well a man can cook for his wife and her friends and i think that doing such things once in a while is not a bad

idea and it could be romantic,but doing it all the time is

something that i do not endorse and infact i do not expect the wife to be comfortable with it if her husband

keeps doing such but it also depends on the culture and tradition of where the husband is from,in some cultures

such occurence would be like a taboo and in some cultures it won’t be a big deal....


berbicara tentang hal memasak tentu umumnya ini adalah pekerjaan para wanita, menurut hemat saya, jika seorang istri sehat dan masih mampu memasak, maka seorang suami tidak harus memasak biar dalam keadaan bagaimanapun, meskipun istri sedang berkumpul bersama teman-temannya sekalipun. kecuali istri sedang sakit dan tidak mampu melakukan pekerjaan dapur jadi wajar seorang suami membantu istri yang sedang sakit. terimakasih !


As weird as it mat seem to an African man, if the woman can cook while the man watches film with his friends, then the same thing should be applicable to the women.