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What are the best games you can play on 10 years old PC?

At present, there are so many games that can still be played on old PC or old PC that are 10 years old or more. I have prepared 3 games that are quite new that you can play from middle-class laptops or desktop PC that are more than 10 years old. I did not include classic titles from GOG and free-to-play, only focusing on the 2015 games to the most recent. To find games that can be played on an older PC, it really takes a little accuracy in choosing a game to play on an old PC. The following are games that can be guaranteed on an old PC:

1. Axiom verge.

The Axiom Verge game is an indie Metroidvania, mixed alone by Tom Happ. Although his appearance reminds us of old side-scrolling action games, he is able to lure gamers with gameplay, narration, and the fictional world that is the background. This game is very suitable and can be played on an old PC because the game is not too heavy for use on a PC that is already classified as old.

2. Kerbal Space Program.

Leave the Minecraft game, the Kerbal Space Program game is a true educational game that is very suitable to be played on a pc that is over 10 years old or on an old PC. In this game, you are challenged to guide green creatures to build spacecraft. Its mission varies, from flying into orbit, reaching the moon, capturing asteroids to creating a space station.

3. Undertele.

The Undertale game is the most unique independent game in the last decade besides being very suitable to be played on an old PC, this game also combines classic presentation and innovation and then uses the game mechanism to express ideas. This digital work once again proves that the role-playing experience can be performed perfectly without the need for fancy graphics.


Spider solitaire


Chicken invaders

At least, I played them some 10 years ago

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- Super Mario

- Chess

- Contra


Playing games on PC is not about the age of the PC but the specifications of the PC and that of the game. If the PC has a large RAM, processing power and hard drive, it can play most modern games. My PC is close to ten years and it's playing most modern games. Before I download any game, I check the PC requirement and if my PC can take it, I go for it.


Kinda depends on the specs to be honest. But 10 years ago (ok maybe 15!)I was playing games such as Age of Empires, Red Alert and I remember even starting to play the first Far Cry on my PC. Another great fantasy game is Dungeon Siege.

It really is limited to your specs though, such as your graphics card, RAM and processor.