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What do you think musing will be success for his Cool attempt ?

A good question,

When you say musing, at first what is musing< Musing is a platform created which is linked with steemit to make question and answers profitable, and it is also a platform that is been enabled to spread knowledge around the entire world.

Concerning your question i see musing to be very successful in its cool attempt. It make knowledge been profitable which will make people see knowledge from different angle as in the adage that say the source of knowledge is from different angle, individual and so many on.

Musing has made it possible to retain users of steemit to maintain their believe in the cryptocurrencies even when the market was down it really hold on to many users in the sense that when most of them think posting is not profitable due to the collapse of the market, musing still give users edges to earn and earn that can later help in the piling up cryptocurrencies for trade in future.

Musing will be successful because it helps:

To earn

To gain popularity

To gain knowledge

To spread knowledge 

To challenge 

and many more...............

So due to your question i am very and 105% sure that Musing will become very successful on the little cool attempt.

Thanks for reading!!!

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