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What do you learn from being exposed to the rich people?

Yes. It's even advised that you be around them as often as possible. While the thing is that the rich people in society have a way they think, they have a mindset that is contagious. If you can get around them, see the thin things they see and get to hear the kind of conversations they make, you can have their kind of thinking rub off on yours.

I've had the privilege of being around some rich guys, well rich in my standard. One thing I noticed about them was the respect for time. They didn't like anything or anyone wasting their time.

Another thing I learnt was that they scheduled their day and plan everything, sometimes to the minutest detail. I've began putting some of these to practice and I'm seeing the results already.


They think differently to others. They have the money and it is about creating more. As they say money makes money and it is very true. You will look at things differently and some things will rub off.

Normally rich people have  circle of other rich people around them. They all think similarly to themselves as they all have similar problems.

A rich person will look for a solution to fixing a problem instead of moaning and complaining.

If something needs to be don it gets done. Time is something tat is very important as you can't buy time. It is one resource they have no control over.

They always look for something that they can adapt to as change is good. They are always researching for improvement.

These things change how you think and you realize that they are very positive so that would rub off on you. They normally communicate very well and they all help each other by doing favors. it is a tight knit group and hard to be included in the circle unless you can add some value to them.


Very iconic question you asked here and here itemised are what could be learned from GENUINE Wealthy Peaople.


Sustenably Wealthy folks are "Madly' Optimistic about Whatever They Have Chosen to Do, irrespective of the seemingly dangers and Pitfals inherent in it!!

I remember My Attempt Many Years ago to Dissuade an Acquaintance from Investing in an Asphant Plant, which I opined was an Unprofitable Venture to no Avail. Though All Investments Analysis Points to its failure, the Business Turned Out to be One of His Most Profitable Investment , even Now.


They Are Never Concerned About The Now of Event , but the Future of It .Thus, While their decision Could be Naive in the Contemporary, but it Would Be Sound in the Long Run.


The Wealthy Are Target Conscious! Thus they seldom deviate from their VISSION about their Target. They Would Do Everything To stave off Whatever Would derail their Target. Trivialities and Frivolities has Zero Place In Their Schedules


They Treat Money As a means to an End rather than an End. They Shase Value , not Money!!


The Wealthy Invest their Limited Time instead of Spending it. Their Leisure is Spent in their Work.


They Are Good Social Networkers! Places high Value on Relationship s. They Would never Offend Deliberately. Disagreements are resolved Promptly.

These are the Most Probable Attributes of The Genuine Wealthy People which may never be the Hallmark of the Fraudulently Wealthy whose acts are the Opposite of the enumerated.

I hope these appealed to your need as much as possible.


While being rich is a relative term, here are a few things that I have learned from people who are financially secure:

1. Will spend money to make money

2. Defined goals and dreams

3. Have a different mindset

5. Do not carry high interest credit debt

6. Live modestly

7. Saves money

8. Takes advantage of tax loopholes

9. Manages risk

10. Views money as a means to achieve control, freedom and a desired lifestyle

Thank you for your question.


What i have learnt from being with rich people is that you should be aware that the more money you have then the more responsibility the person will have to carry on and being rich will not stop you from being sad sometimes,sadness and happiness happens to both the poor and rich...


Depends entirely on the people involved and nature of the exposure.