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What can someone do to handle a blackmail?

In my honest opinion, the best way to get around blackmail is to actually come out plain on the issue being blackmailed about.

Whatever the case may be, it's an issue of trust and the reason for keeping whatever it is secret is most likely to preserve a relationship.

If for instance it's an issue from the past, the best solution is to come out clean and tell your partner the truth, that may be the only saving grace.

The truth is, whatever you're paying to cover that blackmail, the culprit will always come back to ask for more. A blackmailer is never satisfied.

So, the best solution to make everything go away is to break the blackmailer's back by revealing what is behind the veil that is being used in blackmailing.


If you are being blackmailed because of your financial status and you have to choose between your life and paying the blackmailers' fee, I think it's best you pay up and regain your freedom. Life can never be gotten back once lost but wealth list can be gotten back.

The next thing you should do after regaining your freedom is to help the security agents do their job by providing as much useful information as you can to enable them capture the criminals that kidnapped you.

What this means is that you must have had to be very alert to every helpful small detail that could lead to capturing you captives. In a case where you were blindfolded, you may have been able to listen to your environment for details such as train sounds, busy or quiet streets, ocean sounds and even smell of the environment. 

It's in your best interest you help the security agents capture these criminals because if you don't they may keep coming back to milk you.


When someone is getting blackmailed there are many points to ponder first.

1. What is his status?

2. Why is he being blackmailed?

3. Whom he can tell?

4. Is someone sincere to him?

5. Has he gone through such an event before?

So let us discuss such points to get some results

First why the person is being black mailed? A person is blackmailed when he/she is afraid and a person is afraid when he has done some thing wrong. If he has done some thing wrong he must first talk to the authorities with whom he had done wrong once he talks to the authorities he is almost free becaise now he is not affraid of any thing. Bit thus story can also get back on that person so he must be carefull in the way to talk to the authorities.

Secondly we must see who is blackmailing the person. Actualky telling you there is only a limit of fright when a person gets frightened he could be blackmsiled stubborned and all that but if not he is not blackmailed at all.

Even he could blackmail the blackmailer if he gets his fright.

Third thing is about children mostly they are blackmailed youth is mosyly blackmailed so in order to get yourself in safe limmits tjis group should dicuss it with friends and family.

Discussing with family and friends to get an aporopriate solution is the best choice!

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Whenever it comes to blackmail at any point in your life,don't give in to the person,go and confess to the person you have hurt,we all make mistakes at one point or the other.......no matter how bad, confess and beg because once you give in to blackmail,you will be used up and drained of all you have till you regret why you agreed to his or her terms in the first place,by then you must have lost everything and the truth will eventually still come out. Say no to blackmail!!