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What are your favourite ways of making yourself happy?

There are many ways that I've for myself to make myself happy and others around me happy too. I'll share top3 picks of my ways that make me happy and get out of that bad mood I'm into.

- Playing with my kids - Its fun when you play with your kids. Just listen to them what they want you to do and believe me the stuff that they would be saying is all like fun. At times my son wants to fight with me like a boxer and he would be boxing me hard all around and I just try to save myself from him and in this exercise, you will have a lot of fun and will enjoy that moment.

- Go out for a movie or a dinner/lunch with family and friends - Outing with family is always fun and makes your mood change. When dealing with some kind of a bad mood or not feeling good - just spend time with the family. It could be anything either a lunch or dinner out in one of your favorite restaurants. Or is there is a new movie release just go out and watch it with your family -you will feel relaxed and certainly a shift in mood will be observed which will make you feel better and happy.

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- Meditate - this is my favorite and has helped me all the times to get out of the bad mood or negative thoughts/environment. What I normally do is find some quiet place - sit there with my closed eyes and just relax for say 5 to 10 minutes. Do not try to push yourself hard just sit comfortably and relax during that time - you will notice that all those negative thoughts, negativity, the bad mood will disappear. Just give it a try this technique of mediation has helped me come out of difficult situations and is very powerful.

Happiness is within you do not need to go anywhere to find it. Just do what you like and you will notice that you are happy and enjoying life around. Be calm and patient things will follow. Wishing you all the happiness and success. 


A happy face to start the answer. 

There are several ways of making myself happy. 

Number One : Doing something I am passionate about

There may be those who said that the teaching profession is a job which doesn't make lots of cash. It's a human engineering project that I love to do. Being a teacher for lots of years and years, I can see those who have graduated form universities and are doing well in their life and me being once a part of their life. It's fulfilling deep inside that you would not get from paying money to get it. The joy of seeing the next generation develop into someone useful and important and happy is something that makes me smile. 

It is a female dominated job which me, one of the few men are doing. The plus side is it gives me lots of free time to be with my wife. I used to be a full time teacher and now I am doing tutoring jobs for only about a three hour on average daily job. It adds my life's time account. I can wake up late. I've got a higher income and my job doesn't have those stressful targets that needs to be fulfilled. It's a job which isn't affected by the economy. 

Number Two: Decrease debt and reduce life's expectation

When I was a young lad, I used to want to have many things. After so many years, I prefer to only buy things I really need and reduce spending on unnecessary stuff. This comes from buying too many things in the past and finding them obsolete.  Imagine if I donated those money to those who are needy or invest those money. 

I cut off my credit card after having problems paying it off for many many many years, a decade to be exact. It wasn't easy to do that, but it was also rather painful to keep paying interest to banks. It's not part of a crypto culture to pay an intermediary that charge us a fee for using money. 

I just keep my expectation low nowadays. Have some times when I suffer so I can really focus on my life enjoyments more. Imagine having no Mc Donald's for a month, then suddenly, you eat a burger. Wow, it's such an enjoyment. 

Number three: Exercise a lot 

This is one of the most important thing in life and that's to exercise more, this is to make sure that our life is balance. It also lets us get concentrated to our reality and we can do some reality check. Exercise connects the muscle and mind together and not only that, it can also help us reduce stress as we run or workout. The pain is so great that you would slowly love it. 


I'm a person who's happy with little things. So daily you can see me smiling and having a good attitude, and I think that's the secret to being happy: having a good attitude. It doesn't have to be a special day to give me things or give them to others, so I try to give details, even if it's a small card. That makes me infinitely happy. I love to read, so normally I try to do it every day, even if it's at the end of the day and a few pages, I try to read and that makes me very happy.  The same goes for sweets. I feel that there is an almost childish joy when I eat sweets, so normally I always carry with me in my bag, several small bags that I can use at any time. Another thing I do is travel. I try to do it at least once a month. The trip doesn't have to be long or to luxurious places. The important thing for me is to know other spaces, to live other experiences.  Happiness always accompanies me. I believe that it is a particular way that I have to see things, a pair of glasses that God gave me at birth. ;)



I realize that this guidance may appear to be unimportant, however confidence is an exceptionally solid power that will clearly enable you to move mountains! 

By confidence, I don't really mean confidence in the omnipotent; have confidence in yourself and your capacities. See your disappointments as taking in circumstances and gain from them and guarantee that you don't rehash them. You don't fizzle except if you surrender. 

"Achievement comprises of going from inability to disappointment without loss of energy". Comply with this statement. Give your 100% to all that you do, regardless of whether you are not getting the coveted outcomes. In the long run things will fall set up. 

On the off chance that you've wound up in a sorry situation, advise yourself that there's solitary going up from here! Keep in mind: It's constantly darkest before the day break! 

Try not to ISOLATE YOURSELF. Convey. 

Never submit the mix-up of segregating yourself by keeping individuals out. 

Keep in mind: Boundaries don't keep individuals out. They fence you in! 

Despite the fact that, amid harsh occasions it's alright to feel defenseless, on edge and to enjoy self indulgence (sound well-known?). However, dependably convey your emotions to somebody. It doesn't should be your family, however share them with somebody who is presumably experiencing indistinguishable thing from you! Likely a companion, associate, peer. 


By helping yourself to remember your achievements and accomplishments up until now, you will support your ethics and certainty and will approach future tides with energy. 


Do whatever attempts to lessen your anxiety, be it, running, a hot shower, an exercise, chocolate! 

Furthermore, similar to I generally say, when nothing goes right,just sleep