Is GMO food safe for us and the environment?

Yes, it is. When people say GMO they're thinking of big companies like Monsanto that are just outright nasty and not about the fact that humans were making GMO's long before that point.

Hit up Google, look for things like carrots and watermelon before humans got involved. Through selective breeding like we did with animals we made these crops bigger and healthier and able to yield more. Most kinds of apple and citrus fruits are some kind of GMO by technical standards, created by taking different kinds of apple and citrus and breeding them together to create a new fruit with a different taste, for example blood oranges.

All modern science is doing is making that process easier. Taking crops and introducing genes already existing in different species to make them hardier so they can survive in drought or in areas that constantly flood, making them resistant to pests and diseases so they don't need to use chemical sprays to fix those issues.

It's the big companies that are ruining the name, and half the stuff that says 'non GMO' on it just means no such company was involved. I always find it funny that popcorn says 'non GMO' on it when all modern corn is a GMO by technical definition and most especially corn where the kernels are meant to pop to create popcorn. So yeah, GMO isn't what you think, it's not ruining anything, and the spreading of that particular information is just plain wrong.

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It depends what you mean by safe. Certain countries have gone ahead using Monsanto's genetically modified seed and some haven't.

In South Africa it is not legal to sell the crop locally so it is exported into Africa. There warehouse is across the road from us and they have at least 2 to 3 big harvests a year and it is all exported.

From my understanding the fruit etc is and has been proven safe. I would still like the opportunity though of what is modified and what is natural. I would not purchase modified food if I was aware of it and I am sure most of the public would feel the same way.

Nothing has been proven yet either way and tests would take years. I would rather skip the food until it has been shown what the side affects are. Anything backed by government agencies raises question marks.