How musing.io is changing the Q&A platforms?

Well musing is a step ahead of just about every Q&A platform out there in the sense that you actually get rewarded for your efforts in answering questions and even for asking smart and intelligent questions as well.

Let's consider Quora for instance, there's no real straightforward way of making money on quora, you're basically just answering questions and showing people how smart you are without actually gaining any income in the process. The essence behind creating steemit and the steem blockchain was to serve as a means to reward content creators unlike sites like Instagram and Facebook where the profits all go to the owners of these sites without the people actually getting anything.

Musing has changed the way Q&A sites function forever and I expect that as news of musing catches on all around the world we'll start to see a shift of focus from sites like Quora and askville to musing because people will undoubtedly be interested in getting a piece of the rewards that musing offers.

There's also the fact that with the HF20 in effect Dapps can actually on board people who don't have steemit accounts so musing on its own will no longer be limited to just steemit users alone and this will further widen it's reach across the globe. If you ask me, Quora really doesn't stand a chance!!!!

Let's not forget that the musing officials led by @jonching are always available on the musing discord server to answer any questions or issues that you have with the site and they are always open to suggestions about how to make the site better so the users can actively influence the creative direction of the site itself!!!

Oh and it gets better, pretty soon the SMTs will be launched and musing will have its own token and that will make rewarding answers so much easier!!! People won't solely have to depend on just musing upvotes to make money on musing. It can can only get better with musing and I guarantee that in the near future, musing will stand on top of the world of Q&A sites.

I hope this helps.


Musing is better in many ways. Musing is decentralized Q&A platform that is the first one to be developed on Steem blockchain. Musing has also got 1 million steem power, so they can reward their users. 

No other Q&A platform currently rewards their user for the work they put in. Instead they take all the money that they earn from ads and subscriptions but Musing isn't like that. All the things are opposite on Musing, the users are paid/rewarded for contributing to this platform.

Later, they will also announce SMT for much more flexibility. All this can be used to change the way Q&A websites are powered up till now. Users will be able to get any answer in just minutes! 


I think it comes down to one simple thing - $MONEY! As far as I can see people are more attracted to things that can make them money - and will also take them more seriously. In the past I have read Q and A sites such as Quora but take the answers with a grain of salt, because they could be answered by anyone.

The fact that we can be rewarded for our answers means that (most) people will be more likely to put some more thought into their answers. I would say that in general this motivation will lead to more thought out responses - and the answers with higher payouts in theory should be more relevant/indepth and accurate.