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What is dark web?

The dark web is everything you can't see. The internet as we know it is only a fraction of what is actually there. You can't use google to find it and need to download a few things first. The internet that we use is only about 5 percent of what is really available. The Dark web also has another section to it called the deep web.

I think this picture can explain things easier than words so please take  a look. 

 Firstly go to www.torproject.org and download the browser. This will enable you to search for different things. Not everything is bad like the press say and they are all mixed into different things. Search carefully and don't be shocked what you may find.

I am not an expert by any means and have only been on here a few times playing around.

Image source thessisstore.com


Dark web is all the websites and internet activity that you cannot simply find on google, or through mainstream browsers.

Media often paint that space as a dangerous place where only scum of the earth ever visit.

But it really isn't.

I mean, illegal activity can be found anywhere on the web, including the most mainstream, normie, milk, toast and honey outlets.

Pedophiles and porn on youtube?

Seen it.

News outlets showing how to bring a knife on an airplane?

Seen it.

But don't go to dark web, because it's bad.

Yeah, you can buy drugs and guns on dark web.

So you can on craigslist.

And guess what, both are monitored by authorities.

You're not anonymous on the web, whether it's websites listed on Google or not.


I don't really know what dark web is but I am aware that it has to do with internet hacking and illegal activities that take place on the internet.