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Why do people believe in miraculous and magic?

because there's a part of them that KNOWS it exists, but they don't yet have the DIRECT CONSCIOUSNESS to explain the perceive and understand the underlying dynamics - thus the belief as a substitution...


The reason is a combination of wishful thinking, a fear of the uncontrollable, and weak causal reasoning. It takes a lot of effort to keep ought and is separate. It has taken humanity thousands of years to learn the difference and apply that lesson consistently.


I'm going to explain you with a story: Once a person sees his son go into intensive care, without much life expectancy and at that moment they tell him that only a miracle will save him. What does this person do? Well, to cling to that miracle and ask with all his strength that it happens.  People NEED to believe. It is a NEED of the human being to believe in something superior to them, that can save them, that can orient them, that can help them in the most terrible moments. This type of beliefs usually come from within the family, the practice of some religion or even having done certain readings.  From the very moment that the mother teaches her son to pray, for example, in one way or another she is teaching them that there is someone superior to him whom they can seek to speak or to ask for help; with that she is teaching him the idea of the miracle. These beliefs will not only say how we are but also how we could act at a given time.

Many people often say that these beliefs are the result of ignorance and lack of education, and that people who are believers in this type of thing are usually swindled and deceived.  

The only thing clear is that there is no one who has seen a problem or a crossroads and has not thought of God! 


Some people have witnessed inexplicable things, and these things can only be described as miraculous or magical.

To witness a 70 year old woman lift a car to save someone's life, can only be described as miraculous, because a 70 year old woman should not be able to manage a feat like this, but yet, there are countless events that happen similar to this that cannot be explained. One could easily state that it's an adrenaline rush, and that is why the woman had such superhuman strength, but even this explanation is hard to prescribe to when you consider how much strength this would take, adrenaline or not.

Simply put, something that is impossible to explain can be construed as miraculous or magical. Do I believe in these phenomenons? Absolutely, as I myself, have experienced inexplicable things in my life.

I hope this answer helps!


People are like doubting Thomas that only believes in what they see.

So if a friend goes out telling them that a particular man performs miracles. They will simply go check it out themselves and if it's real . Then they taken the man as a god.

Some are just looking for something to believe in that even though it's a small child or if it's the devil himself, they will still believe in it


People believe in miracles and magic because miracles and magic are real.

Coincidences are angels working together. The sun rising, a flower growing, a baby learning to walk - that is all magic. Those are all miraculous.