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Can anybody suggest me the coolest gadgets to buy this year?

A gadget that i think is very cool are hoverboards, i do own one myself and i like it. I don't use it that often since it's more for fun/entertainment than as practical transportation method. If i need to go somewhere i drive by car. I sometimes use my hoverboard to ride in my parking lot at home but not often because i don't have that much time. They are not that expensive, you can get one for 100-200 dollar on amazon:  https://amzn.to/2sLAgMO

Kids like them 2, where i live all the kids drive hoverboards instead of skateboards.

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Sex robot doll. 🤣😈


The first duo I would suggest is getting a smartphone and a laptop. I imagine you already have one of the two since you're here.

In addition to those, I would suggest you get

First, a digital camera. Cameras are awesome for capturing moments in high definition. Get one for yourself, go around your city, take really beautiful pictures and share.

Second, a smart watch. Smart watches are a big deal now. Their functionalities are just amazing. They can do a lot from calling, texting browsing and so on. But the main reason I would want you to get one is for the health benefits.

Smart watches can track sleep cycles, calories, heart rate, blood pressure and a host of other health related stuff. It's ideal for keeping track of your health in one glance.

Spy camera. There are a number of spy cameras of all shapes and sizes. They're really fun to have. Get your detective mode on by recording conversations and events without people being aware. The best place would be in your house or any of your personal spaces.


I can't really suggest a cool gadget for you

I will advise that you should check an online gadget store from there you will see variety of gadgets to buy