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How to fight against the accounts who downvotes our steemit posts without any reason ?
There are some mischievous people on this platform, like to downvote other users unnecessarily. They also spread spams and harass the bona-fide users. What is the method to stop these people?

Firstly, do you need to ? Look first of all with what voting power they are using to do this. If its almost nothing, then dont worry. There is a sustained campaign going right now by bad steemian who has an army of a counts flagging others but they have no voting power other than it being annoying.

You say no reason, if its a legitimate flag, ask whoever did it to give you the reason for the flag. Are you sure it wasnt because you made a spam post or comment or wrote a copied article or picture?

Its not often downvotes are given without an explanatory comment by the flagger, if it was abuse reports or steemcleaners, simply go their discord channels and ask them!

First thing to do is find out whom is behind it and why and then let us know and we can give you more precise information. Good luck :-)


Know the rules. No plagiarism, have a good quality content post, be nice. Be consistent in posting, show care to your fellow followers. 

No copy pasting, be original as much as possible. If you want to copy words or image be sure to add credits and put image source.

Be updated on the steemit news  that is mostly found in the trending section.

Ignore rude users.  Don't resteem everything especially if it is not useful (it is annoying to others)



To add to this answer, I noticed that the answers you give here are plagiarised and as such have reported you to @steemcleaners. By copy and pasting directly from wikipedia which you mainly do word for word without even bothering to spin, you are stealing rewards which could better have been given to genuine people trying to give their own answers. Hopefully in future, you will be getting a whole load more flags!


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_bank plus the rest is from other sources. Nomoriginal material at all, Do I need to run my plagiarism checker on your other work ?


We all get flagged from time to time.

The thing you need to be sure is that you don't deserve the flags.

If you examined your content and doings and found out the flags are not deserved, then check if it puts a dent on your income.

Most of the times the flags are too little to matter, and when you're flagged by a big player sometimes a bot will come and upvote you to counter that flag.

All in all, stay out of drama and don't worry too much about flags, they rarely do any difference.