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Can a relationship really survive without sex?

Yes and no but it depends on circumstances.

Normally when you are first married as a young couple sex is important part of the relationship. The longer you are together it may be important but not everything.

Things can change and one of the partners could become sick or something. This wouldn't change the relationship as it would be strong and part of life. Couples could drift apart though and that is not healthy. Sex should still be a strong component of any relationship.


I can't imagine such a relationship would be easy, but certain factors are going to heavily influence this. 

If the couple has been together for a very long time, the relationship is more likely to succeed without sex.

If it's a new couple, younger in age, chances are minimal that the relationship will last. Not impossible, but greatly reduced in odds.

It is also encumbrant upon the morals and values of the individuals in the relationship as well.

I hope this answer helps.


Yes, a relationship can survive very much without sex. Sex isn't what makes a relationship. Though, sex is important in a relationship to keep it juicy and spicy, lol. But sex isn't the bedrock of a relationship. A lot of people have misunderstood this sex phenomenon and made it feel like without sex, a relationship will die. But this is not true. A relationship can survive without sex if both parties involved are willing to sacrifice the sexual pleasures/desires and focus majorly on building a relationship not bound by sex. It will require discipline, determination and dedication to the relationship. I was in a relationship with a guy for two years and we never had sex until we broke up.


This depends on the nature of the relationship as well as the terms that enacted the relationship.

From the marital point of view, sex is important though not the only yardstick for a successful marriage. It all boils down to the spouses' determination to understand one another in relation to this subject. There can always be a consensus where the views are diverging if they are willing to communicate.

However, other than marriage, other relationships are not cultured to sex and as such, sex becomes an insignificant factor.



Though I wouldn’t expect it to be great.