What should you do if you catch your friends spouse cheating?
If you happen to catch your friends spouse with another man/woman, what would be the best thing to do? Call your friend and tell them, confront their spouse or mind your own business.
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It depends a lot on the couple we are talking about and the relationship they are in. If it happened before and the husband, my friend hasn't reacted at all or passed over the situation with ease then I wouldn't do anything, but if I knew that he cares about her and that he loves her and is serious and wouldn't accept this ever then I would definitely tell him. Friendships is about carrying and sharing and if you know that the wife of your friend is cheating and you care for your friend I don't see why not tell him. I never been into such situation but I would for sure tell to a friend if mine if his wife was cheating on him. In some couples though might happen that the spouse cheats and then when the wife or the husband finds out they don't breakup or do anything about it. They fight for a bit and that's it, but in a serious couple I don't think this will work and I don't see any reason why not telling my friend that his wife was cheating on him. Especially if he is a good friend of mine. 

It might be best to inform the friend about it when I am actually very sure their spouse is having an intimate affairs outside marriage. Just to confirm if the friend knows about it. I could tell the friend not to tell the spouse about me in other not to create an enemy out him or her.

And this is better than confrontation because what will most likely be the result is denial or even something worse such as trying to force my silence through assassination or something like that.

And it is better to tell the friend in time in order to prevent grave consequences. Because there have been cases where the spouse and his or her secret lover try to kill the husband or wife in order to inherit his or her wealth and assets.

Therefore, I think the best option is still to confirm from the friend even if they are close to me or not, whether their spouse is cheating or not and whether they know about it or not.


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Seeing a friend betraying his lover, as a fellow friend, you might be trapped in a dilemma: keeping 'sacred' friendship between men and letting it be a personal decision, or 'advising' him to end the affair, or even 'complain' about it to his lover -which is your friend too?

Confused what to do, following his advice.

"In fact, your friend does a very painful thing. If we hide it, without doing anything, it's the same as helping a friend to hurt his lover. So it's clear, being a person who just keeps quiet and lets friends continue to cheat on him feels wrong. It's good to listen to your heart, if you feel that the behavior of your cheating friend is wrong, you can start "rebuking" with the typical style of friendship. If your friend seems to be "nagging" and doing things that are outside of your moral values, you can start avoiding any involvement with him, or maybe tell his lover! "

"Let your friends know that this condition makes you awkward because of cheating. Tell him to finish the affair immediately and encourage him to return to discussing the continuation of the relationship with his lover. And if he stays with the affair, say clearly that you really won't tell the lover about the affair, but you won't be responsible if someone else does it. "

"Tell a friend who is having an affair that you will not spread any information, including hiding anything. So, if one day her lover asks you about the affair, then you will answer as is. In other words, you will not interfere in anyone's affair, but you also will not lie about the affair that you have seen. So, you will not sacrifice integrity by lying to anyone. "

May be useful! Thanks!

mind your own business. maybe they have an agreement you don't know about.