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How would you advise an adult on a monthly income of $60:00; but a Financial Responsibility of $500:00 monthly on how to move out of this Poverty cycle?

With only hard work that is not possible to come out of such a poverty cycle and here the ratio is too wide and big. Because it is the ratio of 60:500. It needs determination, patience and commitment in the early stage. But what actually will matter is, how good you are in making the smart work. 

You have the same time limit equal to that of an ordinary man and other are making it big as compared to you, means they may have better skill, better education, better resources at hand to cash it big and so many other things to consider. So under such a situation, do not rely heavily on one source, you may get more shock and financial pressure if you fail to make something from that one source. Try to diversify your hard work little bit and learn to know the tricks of how to do smart work and how to make the things easy for you with same resources. Means you need to optimize your effort.

Financial burden and responsibility is such a thing traditionally, that a human being get buried with everything he/she aspire for. So in this smart world and new generation's world, you need to figure out those smart thing to do, in order to get a way with your situation. It is also true that there are many ways available. Some of them are-

  1. Try learning new skills which can bring you some earning easily with less effort. there are so many available now a days.
  2. Locally in your area figure out, which are the businesses which are fetching more profit and govt policies are pro to that business, if you can do that and make a  joint venture with someone who have money then you can succeed.
  3. If you are living in an urban area, then it is easy to find some ways to make money in many ways, just roam around your city you live in and go to govt registered office to get an overall idea of what are sectors which are working in the city and if you spend some time, you can figure out some areas which will be suited for you.
  4. If you have driving skill, you can make good money too, as these days more people are hiring drivers.
  5. If you want to make it online only, there are many blockchain projects, you can contribute in many ways to make a living out of it.
  6. If you know some technical skill like programming and coding then you can earn much more than your liability and responsibility.

It not that easy, I agree with that, but it is not that difficult either, as so many people are making it. So you need to figure out the different resources and alternatives and you have to execute in a organized way. If you can do that you can definitely match it with your responsibility.