Why Do Some Religions Associate Wealth With Evil?

Wonderful question as usual @alaisguineasis. I don't think it's the religion itself that associates wealth with evil, I think it's the people who are practicing the religion that associate wealth with evil. Even at that, I'm not entirely sure it has to do so much with religion as it has to do with people individual and combined mentality, although that mentality is mostly found amongst people who hold their religion dearly.

I call it religion syndrome and it's something that is in but is not only limited to Africans. You see people believe that as long as you are religious, you shouldn't have alot of money and if you do and they can't explain where you got the money from then you are either engaged in something illegal or something evil. People like this often justify their beliefs with verses from their holy books, Christians suffering from this will quote from 1 Timothy chapter 6:10 which says that "The love of money is the root of all evil".

The myopic nature of these people is what causes them to see things this way, to them as a religious person, you should suffer before you get money and even if you don't suffer, and even if you have money, if they don't know how you got it or they can't explain it then it must be diabolical.

The absurd thing about these people is that they are always willing to give more and more money to their pastors or religious leaders, further enriching them and making their pockets fatter while they the congregation get poorer.

I believe that although this behaviour is common amongst religious folk, it's mainly seen in people who are poor and unenlightened. Jealousy is also a key reason why these people behave this way, some people want you to download well, some people want you to fail, but nobody wants you to do better than they are.

Finally, this entire thing just boils down to human nature. It's human nature to fear what you don't understand and in Africa where using people to do money rituals and killing them in cold blood is common, it's understandable if people become skeptical of how others gain their wealth.


Wealth in itself is not evil but only becomes evil when the person idolizes it. Most religions nowadays see wealth as an evil thing based on a conclusive understanding they have reached based on practically observed trends. Every religion has two sides: the spiritual and the physical and most religions hold firm to the stand that the spuritual is more important and so should be your main focus. Based on the trends observed in most religions nowadays, followers tend to focus more on their spiritual aspect as they should in the absence of wealth.

Things seem to take a rather different turn when their wealthy statues change for the better. Their spirutuality drops and they are much more concerned with enjoying their wealth in the physical so focusing more on the physical than spiritual. Wealth has also been seen in many instances to draw people away from God rather than draw them closer to him. This is a common phenomenon in the world today. People who served Gid tirelessly when they were less wealthy slumber the minute they become wealthy because their god becomes money confirming what is written in Christian bible "one cannot serve God and mammon at thesame time".

Due to these facts and others, many religions have labelled wealth as evil to some extremes and associated it with evil.

Hope this helps bro..


one person once told me " A rich man will never be faithful"

To simply mean that the more a man has money, the more he will be attracted to spending it in night bars, women and all that is considered worldly pleasures. This will be even "more" of a sin, if this man is married. 

If you are a christian, allow me remind you of the words Jesus said. 

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man too get into heaven"

What did he mean by that? my guess is the scripture is quite self explanatory

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Religious texts are often encapsulated common sense particular to the culture from which they originated. It has been observed world-wide that wealth is in some cases gained by unethical means - and the poor majority may be more inclined to believe so than is actually the case. 


Some religion associate wealth with evil because they think it would make the wealthy individual behave in ways considered as unholy in such religion. Wealth intoxicated a lot and when the wealthy individual allows the wealth to get into his/her head, such individual may start behaving wrongly and engaging in acts that such religion preaches against.

Though I don't think most religion still have this view of wealth being evil. It's the love for wealth or money that is evil not the wealth itself. Someone that loves wealth or money will value the wealth or money more than people. This is one of the reasons why most rich people are hostile and looks down on people they think are beneath them. Their love for wealth is the problem not the wealth itself