Why Is Rice A Major Staple Food For Asians And Africans : Is It one of Your Favourite?

It has more to do with the climatic conditions in Asian countries. You see wherever the climate is hot and humid, rice is best for cultivation and that is why mostly south Asian countries are dependent on rice cultivation in their agrarian sector.

Nutrition wise rice is rich in carbohydrates and protein and generally people take it as the major meal of the day and that is why in launch time generally people take rice here in Asian countries. 

The choice of food always depends upon the locally available agricultural production. This food culture has been established from so many years and suitability of a climatic condition plays a major role in particular agricultural production. I too love rice and in my country there are so many types of food made from rice.



My name is Amar and I am an Asian. Well, it also my favorite food because it has good quantity of  minerals such as calcium, Carbohydrates and iron. We love to eat some rice with our food because it help us to complete our food and it also helps us to increase weight. The best time to eat rice is the Launch time and I don't recommend you to eat it at night.  

Well, Access of anything could be harmful so keep it in a balance according to the doctors 90 grms is enough. 

But if you are on dieting then you should eat brown rice which has 111 calories energy and add some more ingredients. 

Thank you & Have a good day/night !