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If you were born outside your Religion , would you be a devotee of that Religion; Why do you choose to so be now?

I've been baptized when I was a few months old, so it wasn't my choice. I didn't choose this religion. The good thing is, no one has forced me to do anything and I appreciate it. I'm not very religious, I don't go to church, unless there's an event I must attend. 

If I was born outside this religion, I would stay outside of any religion, probably.  I think every person is free to choose religion, no one can be forced to be part of a community or not. Unfortunately some cultures see religion as a must and children are forced to stay withing the community, or they will be  banned forever. Parents love is conditional in these communities. That is totally wrong. 


I'm absolutely not religious but I will answer this question because why the fuck not.

I believe people have no choice when it comes to beliefs, opinions.

They become convinced a proposition is true and they live their lifes accordingly untill someone changes their mind with sufficient evidence or convincing argument.

I did not choose any of my beliefs, and the same is true for everyone else.


Everything about us is shaped by our environment and biology.

If we assume a Life circumstance devoided of exposure to ideas such as particular religion, the odds are a person would adopt another one or none.