Which is Your Favourite Pet ; Why?

Well My favourite pet would defnitely of course be a dog....

i totally believe that Dogs actually are great and wonderful companions that everyone should have...dogs are known to be able to sense when his or her master is actually feeling sad or moody and dogs at that moment usually stick their cold nose straightly into your hand or theu probably lick your face.......

Dogs are usually known to lie at your feet and stay faithful to you......

Dogs will actually go to anywhere with you and it will never get tired of following you no matter what happens.... dogs woud still truly love you even when you really forgot his or her feed bowl or when you have failed to pat his or her head or may be when you fume over his mess on the floor or anywhere...... but truly it is our responsibility to actully treat our pets in a good manner but as humans we sometimes get so very busy that we do not remember our pets but despite that our dogs still tend to love us genuinely...

honestly only very few friends can be as loyal as a dog and also as dedicated as a dog,,trust me dogs are truly man's bestfriend...


We have some fish in a decent sized aquarium. They are our only "pets", so I guess that makes them my favorites. They are pretty low maintenance for the most part and that is just right for us at this point in our lives.


My favorite pet is rabbit and I love rabbits very much. A few days ago I bought a rabbit from market . Since then, I started to love rabbits

Rabbit has many reasons to be my favorite pet. Actually the rabbit is a very clean animal. I like this animal very much for this. I keep bathing my pet rabbit occasionally and it becomes more clean

I love this rabbit because the rabbit looks very beautiful. I love looking at their eyes. Their eyes are reddish. They do not harm me when i catch them. Because of this the rabbit my pet

I do not have any harm with this rabbit because I love this animal very much. All animals can harm humans in some way or the other way. Risks are less likely to damage animals. That's why I love these pets

image source : unsplash.com


The dog. It's the most positive energy giving.