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Which minimum Steemit Power SP do you suggest we should hold before mining our Investment ; why?

The amount of SP you need depends on what your goals are. If you are just planning on being able to post, comment, and upvote, you'll want at least 50SP. This should allow you for some interaction every day. If you're a more prolific writer, or if you visit lots of blogs and leave comments/upvotes, you'll need significantly more. 

Your comment about "mining" seems to indicate that you're interested in making lots of comments, so if that's the case you can get away with an amount on the lower end of things.

Please note: there is no longer a mining option for Steem. Although mining was allowed when Steem launched, that option has been disabled. If you're looking to increase your stake there are a few ways to do so:

1) Getting upvotes on posts/comments. When you post questions like this, or when you write a post and publish it on Steemit/Busy.org/esteem it allows people to upvote your content. This reward is applied seven days after you originally post. 

2) Natural inflation. When you vest your Steem you get a portion of the newly minted Steem that is created as a part of the natural inflation of the blockchain. This only applies if the Steem is vested, and is not a huge amount, but it's better than nothing. 

3) Steem Monsters. If you play the game, you're able to get more cards and each of those cards has a value on the market. Other players will pay Steem or SBD in exchange for your cards. If you complete the daily quests, you get reward cards that can be used or sold. Tournaments are just starting. The prizes for some tournaments can be substantial

4) Selling Items on Steem. There are multiple marketplaces that are popping up on the Steem blockchain. One of these is the Homesteaders co-op. If you have products related to homesteading, you can sell your items and get payment in a number of ways, one of which is Steem!


5) Selling your vote. Bid bots and upvote bots exist where you can sign up and have people "buy" your vote. They send an amount of Steem or SBD to the service (which takes a cut) and the service sends you the rest. In exchange for the cryptocurrency they send you, your vote is used to upvote the buyer's post. It is often done at a set rate that guarantees the buyer a certain amount of profit. 

I'm really not sure what you mean by "mining" but hopefully this helps you have more ways of growing your account. 

tl;dr There isn't a mining option for Steem like there is for Bitcoin and other proof-of-work blockchains. There are many ways of increasing your stake though. Posting, commenting, selling items, playing games, and selling your vote are a few. 

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What do you mean “mining...? 🤔

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Hi my old question Ninja friend :-)

This all depends on personal circumstances and your reasons for being on the platform and on this point, I will make a huge assumption based on your question that it's more to earn money than as a long term investment.

Firstly, you need to decide how active you are going to be with your posting and engagement, as you need enough RC credits to be able to perform your planned activities. For this, I would imagine that 250SP would be enough to do whatever you wanted withing reason, a couple of posts a day, dozen comments and plenty of upvotes.

Secondly, decide if you are going to invest in bid bots to upvote your posts, you will need a constant supply of liquid Steem for this purpose, it will all depend on whatbyour posts are earning but I would certainly aim for a 250SP bank.

But wait......

I'd urge you to look upon this as a long term investment too. Cash a little and save a little, build up your SP if you can. I think everyone here believes that Steem has long term potential for massive growth, don't forget that this time last year, Steem hit $7. So try if your personal circumstances allow it to save a little. 


Steem you earn here is yours to do as you please.,That's your right so do what you feel is best for you and don't be swayed by others judging you if you power down or cash out

Good luck here on the Steem Blockchain, I wish you every success but the best advice I can give is to first ENGAGE with people by joining communities and commenting on others posts and slowly building up your own portfolio of posts. It takes a lot of time and hard work but the rewards will come so be patient and take things one step at a time, aiming for a nice cushion of SP so you are not restricted in what you can do by RC limitations.

Thanks for a great question once again!

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I don't get exactly what you imply by mining here, as there's no direct mining of steem on Steemit. But I guess this might also imply to increasing one's stake.

If someone has 100SP, I think that's sufficient enough for a Minnow to carry out several transactions on the steem blockchain to enable him/her to increase their stake and the amount of steem power and steem they hold.

With 100SP, one can comfortably publish posts, make meaningful comments on other people's posts and send steem/sbd for sale as well as power up steem.

You can also increase your stake by selling your vote to a profitable bot or community. If one wishes to have more influennce on other people's posts, comments and contributions then there'll be need for growing of steem power.

You could do that with constant powering up and buying of steem power as well. The higher your steem power, the higher the returns.

Thank you for reading.

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Mining? Steem doesn't have mining anymore. If you mean posting, any amount is fine, but about 15 is what STEEMIT INC. delegates to you for you to get started if you create an account through them, and thats what most others delegate to you to try out STEEM as well. Its about maintaining enough RC to interact and it all depends on how active you are. If you are very active, have more. But I recommend at least 10 SP. But you can start interacting whenever you want.


I would somewhere between 50 SP to 100 SP. With 50 SP, you can do may be 5 6 posts as day and do a few responses. I think 100 SP should be enough to answer 5 questions on musing, do a hunt on steemhunt, post your actifit report and also make 5 comments on sh. Sorry for saying all that, I am trying to see how much do I get by with. Usually if you get 5 comments on your post, then replying to those should also be covered in 100 SP. 


Didn't really understand your question. You mean convert it to fiat or something?