Why is Agricultural productivity poor in Africa as compared to other Climes : What is your solution if engaged as A Minister in your country?

Agricultural productivity is not poor in africa its only looks poor in Africa as a result of some things that are not put in place and one of those things is the problem of lack of storage device and equipments. Places where food and cash crops are being planted are always in rural areas and in this places there are no storage facilities to store perishable goods like tomatoes, spinach and yam which life span is only just one year because there are no proper storage materials so as a result of this so many cash and food crop are destroyed and making it very difficult to to transfer this food crops to urban areas.

Another factor that causes the poor productivity of agricultural food in Africa is as a result of lack of proper mechanisation. Make no mistake africa produces a lot of food and crops from cocoa which is a cash crop to latex which is used in making rubber, but sometimes there are new mechanised equipments that can be used to plant crop efficiently and harvest them efficiently equipment like plougher, tractor , planter and even harvesters all this equipment make it better for the successful operation of agricultural products in africa but the government do not provide enough mechanized equipment to subsistence farmers who can also help increase the country's GDP if the government can help their subsistence farming become commercial farming by providing them with mechanised equipments.

Another thing is that there its lack of science and technology in the agricultural sector in Africa example when you look at countries like the united states the plant crop and harvest them bountifully because sometimes they apply the use of science and technology by this I mean the test the crops before planting them, they apply quality fungicide and herbicide so when harvesting period comes it becomes very easy for them to harvest crops which are not infected or infested. I believe their edition of science and technology to agricultural sector is what africa countries lacks a lot. This makes it very difficult for african nations, if I were the agricultural minister in my country the first thing I will do is to address all these areas that I have mentioned I will make sure that there is an application of science and technology to planting of crops , and also provide better storage method for perishable goods and other kind of food crops I believe this is the beginning of having a better agricultural system in africa


One of the major problems that affect Africa is mismanagement. Mismanagement of funds and resources result in poor results from different sectors of the economy.

When it comes to agriculture, I don't mean to brag but Africa is supposed to be the highest exporters of crops due to the versatility of crops that grow in the continent.

Yet here we are, Africa is rated the continent with the highest rate of hunger and starvation.

Most African countries don't focus on the agricultural sector, rather they put all focus on natural resources like crude oil leaving the agricultural sector in shambles.

The government of these countries usually leave the agricultural sector for individuals to handle and this results in low production of crops and when their attention is called upon, they rarely give those who are interested little or no assistance.

I'm not really knowledgeable of political affairs but if I we're a minister in my country and I were to give a solution, I'll make sure that agriculture I brought to the map. I'll request for loans to empower those who are ready to push the agricultural sector forward.

It's just sad that we have so much yet so little.