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To what extent do you hold the traditional family structure of Father, Mother and Children Sacrosanct to Societal Welfare?

There's something my dad always said to me when I was a kid " Family is all that matters" and it's stuck with me all these years and even to this very day.

I hold the traditional family structure in high regard because the society if anything, is a reflection of the family. I'm Nigerian and everything I say on this matter will be based on what I've seen in my own country.

The people that families put forth are the ones that build up the society. To have an ideal society where crime and poverty is reduced to a minimal the traditional family system has to be working optimally.

That said, theres no family that's perfect and there's no family that can get everything right, but you'll find out that children who were raised by two parents are often more complete than those who were raised by one parent or didn't have any at all.

I can't really talk much on children who were raised by gay parents because it's not something that's been done in my country Nigeria, but I imagine that even in that case, one parent will take on the role of the father while the other will take on the role of the mother because that structure of father, mother and children is necessary for societal welfare and even people of different sexualities agree on that.

The family is the starting point of the society and if it's structure is messed up then the society itself will also be messed up.

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Family is the smallest unit of the society, this simply implies that a society is made up of multi units of families. The society therefore is a function of the family. This is why the traditional family plays a very vital role in societal welfare.

The values and norms of the family becomes the values and norms of the society. A happy family breeds a happy society. A family where the father teaches his children how to be respectful, obedient and hardworking breeds citizens who are also respectful, obedient and hardworking. A dysfunctional family leads to a lawless and dysfunctional society because children become what they see and practise in their families.

The father and mother have their roles they play in the family. The father as the head provides for the family and ensures that good morals are upheld. This teaches the children the need to be responsible and the mother supports the father teaching the children good morals. There is a saying that educate a woman and you educate a nation. This is because children spend more time with their mothers and most of their beliefs are firmed from what they learnt from the parents and what they take into the society.

Patents responsibilities is to inculcate good virtues in their children and teach them how to live in harmony with others. A dysfunctional family either a single parent ofpr gay parents will not be able to do this. Children that grow up loving one another breeds love into the society. Children learn how to obey authorities by first respecting their parents laws and that of their siblings. A family of every man for itself breeds a society of every man for itself.

Family is needed for continuous growth of civilization of the society.


None what so ever

Why does it matter what the structure of the family unit is?

What is the difference between a father and his brother raising their daughter after the mother has passed away or 2 gay men raising that child? Is there a difference between a mother and an aunt raising a son versus 2 gay women? What about those raised by nannies or au pairs? Are these children or families themselves somehow diminished by this?

If a gay man marries a gay woman and adopts a child is that considered a "traditional" family unit? It has one mother, one father and a child which fits the "traditional" or biblical definition of marriage between a man and woman.

We need to give up these antiquated notions and realize there is only one thing that truly matters:

The only thing that matters when it comes to family is that the love and care and well being for each other is there. Structure becomes irrelevant after that. Whether it be a single parent raising a child on their own, a communal family of a dozen individuals raising 4 or 5 children between them or a non traditional family structure, it truly is irrevelant as long as you can love and provide for your family,

After all as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child not a 2,000 year old book written before current society existed.


The traditional structure of the family is the best structure for raising our kids to responsible adults. I hold it in very high regard. kids tha grow in an environment where they always have access to both of your parents have more balanced minds and lives than kids that don't. The society needs the traditional family structure in order to be healthy and orderly.