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How Much Dollar Per Month Would You Consider Moderately Adequate For A Family of Four?

It all depends where you are living and if you own a house and car already. How old the children are also needs to be looked at as education is not cheap.

I will look at my country first which is South Africa. Things are not cheap but then they are not European prices either.

Buying a house in a safe area with repayments is around $1200 per month. A motor vehicle with insurance will set you back another $400 per month. Food and education plus a few extras like electricity and the normal things then another $2000 per month.

I would say $4000 per month realistically with a little change left over but not much.

If you were living in the UK you would need a bit more as the cost of living is a little higher and would suggest $5000 per month to get by.

These costs are all variable on what standards you are used to and what you see fit. I have no idea where you live now but where I am security and the area where you live is very important. This costs a little more than the normal areas.

I am sure if I was a scrooge I could possibly get away with $2500 but then it wouldn't be what I or my family would be used to and that wouldn't be ideal.


Well if I talk about my country there where the amount of 1 USD = 84 BDT

While my family is of four and currently the amount of money needs in all the expenses like food, health, education and other expenses is about 300 to 400 USD. 

While it is just a approximate figure but mostly at the end of the month it costs stays around that level but this are just the regular expenses and other costs that does not really gets included kind of like accidental mistakes that happens in our life. 

Those aside I would say in my country with the situation of mine a family of 4 might run with those amount that I mentioned.


Money is an important part to survive Today every thing has price from water to air plane from book to bookshelves 

To spend your life in proper way you have money to buy happiness for you and your family 

If a family had four persons a couple and their two child they have to work hard and money if their children are small an average near about m 100 $ will be moderate for a person in family

But money is the thing whose need can be needed every time in happiness ar sadness ,in marriage or in death so if family has 4 persons they need to earn almost 500$ to live in moderate level or may be with hand to mouth

Actually i don't say how much money will  e needed it can be assume by the expenditures of family if they have their own house they don't need to pay rent

If they all are healthy they don't need to pay for medicine  short it is in our hand in how much money we can take our car of life to the end


The amount that you would need would depend on the area you live in. Ideally the amount would cover your housing situation, food, shelter, heating/cooling costs, hygiene product / clothes and maybe insurance and a car if those are a necessity in your area. The cost of these things will differ depending on where you live. Some areas you may be able yo survive with 600 USD to obtain all of those things and some areas it may cost you 5,000 USD.