What Would You Advise a Minnow Do To Increase SP Fast Without Outright Purchase?

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The first thing I'd advise them to do is drop the unrealistic expectation of increasing their SP fast! There is no way to do it and no short cuts. This definitely isn't a get rich quick scheme and there is no easy money.

What I would advise them to do is to engage and comment with sincere and interesting comments on posts and add value to the debate.

I would also advise them to 'use the DApps Luke' and start asking and answering good questions on musing.io and sharing interesting stuff on DLike. Try them all, Steemhunt and Actifit, some of the UI like Busy and Esteem give daily rewards on posts, clean up every 0.001 that you can.

Use @dustsweeper to make sure you don't lose comment upvotes less than 0.02 and enter competitions!

I'd tell them to change their reward payout to 100% SP to add everything they can to their SP and subsequently their RC which will allow them to post mlre and more, they need to get that snowball moving and slowly increase its size so the momentum gets faster and faster.

They need to join communities and be active, send and receive Sbi on the Steem Basic Income scheme and also join curation trails.

Most importantly, Id advise them not to give up.,Work hard and be sincere. Post what they're genuinely interested in and let that passion be picked up by the reader.

Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for, but there is no way without buying SP.

Take care, be safe and be happy mate. Great question as always :-)

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The truth is that without buying sp, there's rarely any known way to increase sp fast. Gone are the days when I could simply advise you to post regularly and comment as often as possible. That doesn't work anymore, not with the new 'resource credit' functions which limits the number of comments you can make in a day.

My best advice would be to stick to platforms like musing and be committed to providing quality answers and questions too. Your little comments would count here if your answers are properly tailored to quench the curiosity of the asker. Find other projects that are sure to upvote you and reward you for your efforts.

Using Busy.org to post will give you some upvote, very little though and you have two follow the 'busy' account and include them as one of your tags.

Also, using the esteem app gives you some few cents which you can accumulate over time.

If you are a science nerd, you could consider writing science-related posts and pray you get noticed soon by the steemstem curators. They do have strict guidelines and you have to ensure your sources are properly referenced. You can contact them on discord as well.

As an addendum, make sure to use 100% sp for your payouts if you're serious about growing your rep pretty fast.

I think I've tried.


As much as I want to believe to a misconception that building an SP could be fast and easy, I'd rather give you a realistic insight to it. Allow me to answer through my 1 year active experience about it.

First, there is NO easy way to acquire a free Steem. It has to be acquire through hard work of content creation, curation and engagement.

My first 6 months was the toughest, there were not so many DApps with huge SP to support me. Basically, the Whales were my only hope in earning rewards at the time ~ I have none. So, I need to rely to contests in order to earn extra Steem which I would power-up to boost my SP.

That would be my first advise ~ JOIN CONTESTS :)

Another way of earning extra Steem is through your skills ~ to create something for others in exchange for reward. I made a bunch from my logo designs that I created from the requests through @utopian. If you have other skills, you might want to check other tasks created by other Steemians as well.

Lastly, participate on the program initiated by DApps and other communities. I would suggest focusing more in posting through musing.io - even a 1%-5% upvote from @musing is considerably a good way of earning free Steem & SP.

Be a good Steemian, don't spam and always create contents that others will appreciate. It won't take long until your begin noticing your SP's built getting better.


Network, network, NETWORK.

Many would suggest that this is the single most important aspect of your blogging success on the steem blockchain.

I tend to agree. The Steem blockchain is a social platform. 


There are several things that might help a Minnow increase Sp

Be active among the community in Steem Blockchain

Nowyou can use Musing platform by your knowledge and get some healthy upvotes which will keep you going in here.

Do what you do best as I have been doing my best and trying communities and doing things that I think I am good at.

Make as many friends as possible as they will help you to move forward in your Steemit Journey.

Use Steem Dapps like Esteemapp, Steempress, Busy.org, Dtube to post as they will always give a little push to move forward in both SP and Rep.Score. 


The usual way: Post regularly about topics that interest you (believe me, the posts are better that way), intereact with others in these fields: comment etc. 


One of the best ways is to grow their account by getting new followers and loyal voters. This can be done by commenting on other people's posts and comments. Make your comments relevant to the topic at hand, and make sure their original. i.e. don't plagiarize. If you take the time to contribute to their conversation, often times, they will contribute to yours. 

Another way is to use apps like Busy.org or Partiko to post your articles. They both given varying upvotes on your posts as a "thank you" for using their apps.